Access TOC: The TOC of Debate Giving

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Article by Daisy Massey

Have you ever worried that financial barriers are increasingly keeping kids out of debate? What if these kids could qual to TOC if they had a coach or the means to attend more tournaments? I formed Access Debate, which you may already have heard about on Facebook, to address that. And now I’m asking NSDUpdate readers to help through Access TOC.

Access Debate will give scholarships to select debaters of limited means to compete on the national circuit. They can spend the money on tournament fees, travel costs, and coaching.


We all want LD to be as inclusive as possible.  But WE have to make it happen. Choose to make a difference by “competing” in the TOC of debate giving: Access TOC.

Here’s how it works:

Help Access by doing what you already do! From February to TOC, every round counts up to your donors’ optional cap. Get sponsored per round (practice or tournament) by filling out one EASY form.  You can send this letter to potential sponsors or write your own. Of course you’re just in this for the good of debate, but there will be prizes along the way, starting with your choice of an ITunes or Chipotle gift card for the first five debaters who get five or more sponsors.

Please get sponsored AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so we can sponsor our first debater!


Can’t wait? Donate!

We have absolutely no overhead fees, so everything you donate will go to scholarships that can change another debater’s life.


Spread the Word

Thank you for your help, and thank you to everyone who has already given the organization so much support.


Daisy Massey

Executive Director