Announcing NSD 2015!

We are pleased to announce the new leadership of NSD, as well as the initial details of NSD’s 2015 summer institute!


Tom Evnen is the new Director of NSD, and he will be joined by Terrence Lonam, who will work as his Associate Director. Eric Palmer, NSD’s Founder, will remain with NSD in an advisory role. NSD has a proud tradition as an intellectual center of the debate community, and we are eager to take up the work of both preserving and extending that tradition.

2015 Institute: Curriculum, Dates and Prices

This year, NSD will feature a new four week curriculum that retains the traditional main session, but supplements it with two specialized weeks of instruction.

During the 3rd week, students will select into specialized preparation groups. Each group will zero in on a specific content area or skill, and each group will be led by faculty members who are experts in that area or skill. Every student will leave their preparation group having produced the materials needed to take what they have learned and deploy it during the season. By combining preparation groups with ample time for additional drills and practice rounds, the 3rd week will ensure that students leave camp ready to use the materials they have produced.

The 4th week will focus on preparation for the September/October topic. This is a great opportunity for students to get a jumpstart on the season, and to work closely with top national coaches as they prepare a new topic.

Students who attend NSD for the full four weeks will save $500, and they will select a senior faculty member as their mentor for the duration of the institute. Mentors will oversee their student’s progress throughout the four weeks, and each mentor will be charged with ensuring that his or her students are able to make the most of the learning opportunities that the four week structure provides.

Main Session (7/26 – 8/8): $2,595
Main Session + 3rd Week (7/26 – 8/15): $3,845
Standalone Topic Preparation Week (8/15 – 8/22): $1,250
Four Week Package (7/26 – 8/22): $4,595 (You save $500)

Stay tuned for more information about registration, and, in the meantime, contact Tom Evnen ( with any questions.

Tom Evnen