Bid List: Emory and Columbia




Congratulations to John for finishing up the qual- ben K


8 Bids

Ram Prasad’14- La Jolla (Greenhill, Valley, Voices, Bronx, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, Blake, VBT)

Danny DeBois’14- Harrison (Greenhill, Bronx, Apple Valley, Hendrick Hudson, Glenbrooks, Princeton, VBT, Lexington)


7 Bids

Chris Kymn’14- Loyola (Greenhill, Valley, Voices, Bronx, Glenbrooks, College Prep, VBT)

Jackson Lallas’15 Brentwood (Loyola, Greenhill, Bronx, Meadows, Glenbrooks, College Prep, VBT)

Akhil Jalan’15- PV Peninsula (Loyola, Greenhill, Bronx, Harvard-Westlake, College Prep, VBT, Emory)


6 Bids

Leah Shapiro’14- St. Louis Park (Valley, Bronx, Iowa Caucus, Apple Valley, Blake, VBT)

Andrew O’Donohue’14- Collegiate (Yale, Valley, Bronx, Princeton, Lexington, Columbia)

Jake Steirn’16- Cypress Bay (Greenhill, Valley, Walt Whitman, University, Lexington, Emory)


5 Bids

Charlotte Lawrence’14- CPS (Valley, Voices, St. Mark’s, Meadows, Glenbrooks)

Jason Smith’14- WDM Valley (Bronx, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, Dowling Catholic, Blake)

Pranav Reddy’15- Harker (Greenhill, Voices, St. Mark’s, Glenbrooks, VBT)

The Azbel’14- Lake Highland (Cypress Bay, Walt Whitman, Apple Valley, Dowling Catholic, Myers Park)

Annie Kors’14- Harvard Westlake (Greenhill, Bronx, Glenbrooks, Blake, VBT)

Jessica Levy’14- Walt Whitman (Valley, Bronx, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, University)

Nikhil Nandu’14- Lake Highland (Valley, Cypress Bay, Dowling Catholic, Myers Park, University)

Chloe Naguib’14 Hockaday (Grapevine, Greenhill, Valley, St. Mark’s, Lexington)

Adam Tomasi’15- Sacred Heart (Yale, Voices, Bronx, Hendrick Hudson, Lexington)


4 Bids

Akhil Gandra’15 Westwood (Grapevine, St. Mark’s, Glenbrooks, UT)

Shania Hunt’14- Northland Christian (Greenhill, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, VBT)

Arjun Tambe’15- PV Peninsula (Greenhill, Glenbrooks, College Prep, VBT)

Daisy Massey’14- Walt Whitman (Bronx, Apple Valley, Blake, Lexington)


3 Bids

Davis Labarre ’15 Northland Christian (Grapevine, Greenhill, Bronx)

Matthew Meyer’14-Isidore Newman (Valley, St. James, St. Mark’s)

Tyler Gamble’15- Kinkaid (Greenhill, St. Mark’s, Meadows)

Rahul Gosain’15- Scarsdale (Yale, Cypress Bay, Apple Valley)

Xixiang Xiong- Cypress Woods (UT, Isidore Newman, Strake Jesuit/TDC)

Travis Chen’14- Palo Alto (Greenhill, Voices, VBT)

Srikar Pyda’14- Harker (Greenhill, College Prep, VBT)

Ben Ulene’14- Scarsdale (Yale, Valley, University)

Courtney DeVore- Louis D. Brandeis (St. Mark’s, UT, University)

Arun Sharma- Travis (St. Mark’s, Strake Jesuit/TDC, Churchill)

Neel Yerneni- Katy Taylor (Valley, Apple Valley, Emory)

Varad Agarwala’16- Greenhill (Meadows, Apple Valley, Emory)

Noah Thaler’14- Scarsdale (Yale, Hendrick Hudson, Columbia)

Ruchir Rastogi- LAMP (Cypress Bay, University, Emory)

David Branse’15- University (Valley, Cypress Bay, Emory)

Daiya Massac’14- Bronx Science (Walt Whitman, University, Emory)


2 Bids

Michael Bogaty’15- Scarsdale (Yale, Cypress Bay)

Varun Bhave’15- Del Mar Independent (Valley, Voices)

Drew Burd’16 Westlake (Grapevine, St. Mark’s)

Adam Young’15- Scarsdale (Yale, Walt Whitman)

Alberto Tohme- Strake Jesuit (St. Mark’s, Apple Valley)

Claire Kueffner- Hopkins (Iowa Caucus, Apple Valley)

JP Stuckert- Strake Jesuit  (St. Mark’s, Houston- Memorial)

Matthew Koshak- Christ Episcopal (St. James, Houston-Memorial)

Saahil Jain- University (Valley, Glenbrooks)

Andrew Bower’15- Miramonte (Meadows, Alta)

Katie Hughes’14- Immaculate Heart (Harvard-Westlake, Alta)

Anthony Tohme- Strake Jesuit (St. Mark’s, UT)

Eric Hale-Bettendorf (Iowa Caucus, Dowling Catholic)

Jack Patton- Vestavia Hills (Ohio Valley, Isisdore Newman)

Tom Kadie’15- Miramonte (Voices, College Prep)

Micah Rosen’15- Brentwood (Meadows, College Prep)

Emma Weddle- Des Moines Roosevelt (Glenbrooks, Blake)

Jacob Chorches- Brentwood (Meadows, College Prep)

David Wang’16- Scarsdale (Walt Whitman, Blake)

McKay Giller’14- Loyola (Apple Valley, VBT)

Cameron Cohen- Harvard Westlake (Alta, VBT)

Jae Ahn- CTY (Isidore Newman, VBT)

Jamie Hintson- Wren (Wake Forest, Myers Park)

Sarah McDonagh- Centennial (Whitman, UPS)

Gina Scorpiniti- Valley (Blake, Omaha Westside)

Charlie Blatt’14- Scarsdale (Yale, Lexington)

John Sasso’14-  Strake Jesuit (University, Emory)


1 Bid

Logan Parke- Pinecrest (Wake Forest)

Anne-Marie Hwang’15- Hockaday (Grapevine)

Nick Anderson- Christopher Columbus (Yale)

Preetham Chippada’15- Lexington (Greenhill)

Troy Thisler- Fort Lauderdale (Cypress Bay)

Nalin Vattigunta- Oxbridge Academy (Cypress Bay)

Jim Huang’14- Jesuit (Valley)

Christian Paz- Loyola (Voices)

Lyndie Ho- Marcus (St. Mark’s)

Azam Baig- Kempner (St. Mark’s)

Sunay Nanavati- Westwood (St. Mark’s)

David Dosch- John Marshall (St. Mark’s)

Joe Zaghrini- Strake Jesuit (St. Mark’s)

Yael Caplan’14- Walt Whitman (Bronx)

Jared Paul’15-Brentwood (Bronx)

Taylor Amey’14- Bettendorf (Bronx)

Michael O’Krent’14- Harvard Westlake (Meadows)

Jacob Reiter- Brentwood (Meadows)

Sean Doherty-Powell- St. Thomas (Iowa Caucus)

Carolyn Lau’15- Bronx Science (Walt Whitman)

Ariel Shin’14- Immaculate Heart (Harvard-Westlake)

Bennet Eckert- Greenhill (Apple Valley)

Abigail Chapman’14- Woodlands (Apple Valley)

Anisha Vora- Annie Wright (Whitman)

Jack Wilson- Ridge (Hendrick Hudson)

Christian Quiroz- Newark Science (Glenbrooks)

Maddy Ober- Apple Valley (Glenbrooks)

Emily Hu- DuPont Manual (Ohio Valley)

Matthew Zhu- Hawken (Ohio Valley)

Jack Weisman- Hawken (Ohio Valley)

Amos Jeng- Byram Hills (Princeton)

Lucas Smith- Monticello (Princeton)

Nick Steele- Harvard Westlake (Alta)

Shelby Heitner- Harvard Westlake (Alta)

Anand Balaji- Mission San Jose (Alta)

Sanika Kulkarni- Presentation (Alta)

Dhruv Walia- Lynbrook (Alta)

Mitali Mathur- Greenhill (Isidore Newman)

James Zhang- PV Peninsula (College Prep)

Ryan Teehan- Delbarton (Blake)

Omar Gaidarov- Del Mar Independent (VBT)

Parth Kalaria- Trinity Valley (Myers Park)

Rahul Raghavan- Southside (Myers Park)

Nathan Cha- Randolph (Newark)

Arianna Montero- Colbert (Newark)

Rebecca Gelfer- Clements (Churchill)

Dana Councilman- St. Louis Park (Omaha Westside)

Sabrina Shammas- Brentwood (UPS)

Carson Horky- Brentwood (UPS)

Alex Sapadin- Snohomish (UPS)

Rakshit Garg- Milpitas (UPS)

Sophia Caldera- Walt Whitman (Lexington)

Madeline Otto- Gig Harbor (Federal Way)

Jayaram Ravi- Tahoma (Federal Way)


Automatic Qualifiers

Carlton Bone ’14 Carlbrook

Danny DeBois’ 14-Harrison

Ram Prasad’14- La Jolla

Jim Huang ’14 New Orleans Jesuit

Adam Tomasi ’15 Sacred Heart

Leah Shapiro ‘14-St. Louis Park



1. Scarsdale- 17 (Ben Ulene, Noah Thaler, Charlie Blatt, Rahul Gosain, Adam Young, Michael Bogaty, David Wang)

2. Brentwood- 15 (Jackson Lallas, Jared Paul, Micah Rosen, Jacob Reiter, Jacob Chorches, Sabrina Shammas, Carson Horky)

3. PV Peninsula- 12 (Akhil Jalan, Arjun Tambe, James Zhang)

4. Walt Whitman- 11 (Jessica Levy, Daisy Massey, Yael Caplan, Sophia Caldera)

5. Harvard Westlake- 10 (Annie Kors, Michael O’Krent, Cameron Cohen, Shelby Heitner, Nick Steele)

5. Loyola-10 (Chris Kymn, Christian Paz, McKay Giller)

5. Lake Highland- 10 (The Azbel, Nikhil Nandu)

7. Strake Jesuit- 8 (JP Stuckert, John Sasso, Alberto Tohme, Anthony Tohme, Joe Zaghrini)


58 are qualified to the TOC



  • Eric Palmer

    A year ago, I clarified NSDUpdate’s stance re: libelous content:

    “A word on admissible content: this website will not host posts that involve damaging accusations of criminal or similar behavior concerning specific individuals or institutions (including other debate camps).”

    The general rule is: if an accusation is potentially libelous, we will not host it. This is not a form of censorship, since no one enjoys a right to make libelous accusations about anyone else (this fact is recognized by virtually every legal system on earth). We have applied this policy in an impartial manner in the past. We have only exercised this rule on two occasions (one was to eliminate posts about a staff member at another camp; the other was to remove content about a coach who had not worked at NSD since 2005). Readers should feel free to notify us about content which they take to be libelous which we have not yet removed.

  • silencedbynsd

    Last night I posted about the experiences I had at NSD on the “Why YOU
    should go to NSD” article. My comments were locked and the comments were
    closed. I then tried to post again on this thread and my comments were

    I was under the impression that nsdupdate exists because
    it is the site that will not censor comments. Why I would I think

    Eric Palmer:

    “I do not know why people always
    feel the need to blame NSD for the content of the flamewars that go down
    on this website. This website is intended to provide a forum for
    discussion. People are allowed to say what they want within certain
    relatively generous limits. I do not believe in censorship, and I think
    that anonymity is absolutely essential if students (and, in some cases,
    coaches) are to express their views without fear of repercussions. I
    fear that the unscrupulous are inclined to misrepresent the fact that we
    allow these discussions to occur as evidence that we are somehow
    responsible for them in order to sully the name of NSD. I hope that
    people realize that these accusations are fraudulent.”

    Honda Wang:

    add to what Jeff has to say, I created this website with the intent of
    fostering an open space for discussion and communication. This sentiment
    stems from my interactions on VBD that had spurred myself and others to
    create independent outlets. Amyn Kassam created Limitless Debate, I
    worked with NSD to create the Update, and I’m sure that there were other
    proposals floating around (I was offered to make a site for a different
    debate camp similar to the Update).

    The point is that no
    individual has the capability of running a site like the Update or VBD.
    There needs to be a larger organization creating the material and
    reporting for it. What’s great about NSD is that we have a diverse
    selection of staff that tempers any bias we may have towards opinions or
    individuals. We have yet to see any broad censorship of opinion, the
    deletion of comments, or an active denial of communication. And I doubt
    that we will.”

    So I guess censorship is only bad when comments
    are made about people you dislike? When comments are made about NSD or
    anyone associated with NSD then censorship is fine? Given that “free
    expression” is the reason this site apparently exists I think we are
    owed an explanation for the deletion of comments critical of NSD.

    To recap what I said last night:

    While attending NSD I heard staff members refer to another coach as a
    “whore” in front of lab and another student as “a fucking faggot.”
    Students and coaches were routinely mocked by name and called “strugs” in labs
    and lectures.

    – The staff was wasted pretty much every night after curfew. They were disruptive, sometimes even entering student rooms.

    – During the women in debate meeting students were mocked and laughed at by staff.

  • cultfollower

    So NSD is against censorship, except when the comments are targeted at NSD or people affiliated with NSD? That double standard is much worse than censorship, and much worse than the attacks that people have made on this website, because NSD wants those attacks to happen, as long as they are targeted at people on the outside of NSD. Like the poster on the other thread, I’m tired of NSD circlejerking, which is after all the main purpose of this website. Making thinly veiled attacks on other camps through student (really staff) testimonials is low enough already, however it looks like NSD can dish it out but can’t take it. You’ve silenced the discussion about your camp and deleted at least two comments now. Will this one be the third?

    Why should we make camp decisions based on testimonials from students who are getting paid to work for NSD and will do anything for the approval of their judges and cult leaders. What the hell would Joseph Millman know about “other teaching methods?” How is receiving stellar instruction at any debate background “special” about NSD? I was in a bad lab and sometimes think I should’ve gotten a refund for all the times my teachers were hangover or dismissive, were it not for the fact that I basically got what I came there for: getting their judges to vote for me more often (which they sometimes did). However that’s a dumb reason to go to camp, and I’m glad I went to other camps where I actually learned something and felt like people cared about me not just about how many bids I would get next year.

    How can Jessica Levy say anything “with certainty” about other camps? And if she learned so little during the year through practices, given that her coaches are NSD instructors, what does that say about the quality of instruction at NSD? She probably learned more at NSD because it was a debate camp, not because NSD is particularly great.

    What is the “no-stakes setting” that Ben Ulene is talking about? The camp tournament is overhyped, super-competitive, stressful worship of top lab debaters. How is there a diversity of style, when everyone made fun of me for not wanting to spread because that’s not how we debate in my circuit?

    Was Charlie Blatt’s choice “obvious” because only NSD has drill sessions in small groups, practice rounds, and opportunities to talk to different lab leaders (No), or because everyone from Scarsdale goes to NSD?

    And Sam Azbel’s comment should make you suspicious about why he said what NSD’s mentality is not. That’s either a warning signal that NSD’s mentality is exactly what he says it isn’t (Yes, in my experience: they like a few styles and then say everything else is stupid), or an accusation about another camp’s mentality. Are we supposed to believe that VBI or TDC, whose instructors disagree about everything, and where there is much less of a party line than NSD, cages students into being a certain type of debater? Or do you want to hide behind talk of “other camps,” so NSD doesnt look bad? Azbel, didn’t you say last year that your lab leader at NSD didn’t give a shit about debate? You were defending Wade Houston against the accusation that he was Lifer at Law, and you said Wade wouldn’t do it because he was your lab leader and didn’t care about debate anymore. You said this as if you admired it, but I for one would prefer a lab leader who cares about debate as much as I do.

    Free citizens of the debate world, you have been duped into thinking that NSD is a benevolent overlord, who just wants “open discussion.” NSD is like a church, or even worse a cult: they just want you to give them money, to renounce your independent mind, and to worship the right people. To keep you trapped, they will encourage you to shit on other people, and your shit will be uncensored. But as soon as someone steps out of line and turns the shit towards NSD, they will silence you. If you do it anonymously, they will delete your posts or gang up on you. If you sign your words with your name or your face, they will discredit you, and you will be on the outside.

    • Wesley Hu

      I do think that censorship is a bad thing, but you should probably think about potential reasons for their actions. You threw around a lot of unsubstantiated libel (omg all the lab leaders just drink and smoke).

      And what you said about the camp experience is beyond false. Though it isn’t unreasonable to suspect some amount of drinking or partying, lab leaders were not hungover every morning in lab and dismissive. I was in 12th lab or something like that, yet I had quality instruction, with 2 TOC qualled debaters and probably the best coach ever (Chris Castillo). To line by line some of the things you said:
      – Yes, they are being paid to work and the camp. I agree, testimonials from objective parties are better. However, this doesn’t mean NSD is bad or anything.
      – When did Joseph Millman talk about “other methods”?
      – On your criticism of Jess Levy – be reasonable. Having good coaches during the year does not equate to having an environment of debate with debaters and ex-debaters and coaches surrounding you.
      – The camp tournament is not nerve-racking, nor is it tob lab worship. I don’t even know what you’re talking about.
      – People probably shouldn’t make fun of another debaters strategic decisions, but how does that make the entire camp bad? Presumably, those debaters who mocked you would’ve been just as mean at another camp.
      – Are you kidding me? Why can’t Scarsdale as a whole decide a camp is good and go there?
      – NSD has a variety of styles and opinions on everything. Just because everybody spreads or does some other circuity thing doesn’t mean NSD cages you into that sort of debating.. it’s just that sort of debating is strategic to win rounds.
      – I don’t know Wade Houston so I won’t address that.

      • silencedbynsd

        To clarify, I am not “cultfollower”… I only know a few of the people they talk about in their post.

        The claim that lab leaders were not drunk at night and hung over in the morning is absurd. Lab leaders consistently showed up HOURS late to lab, and the stories of what happened at night are widely known. Ever hear of “white dog night?” or the time Eric Palmer himself went into Daniel’s room drunk? Those were talked about all the time. Anyone who claims underage drinking is not a problem at NSD are not credible.

        Also, if the policy on this website is to censor any information that criticizes or accuses members of the community of wrongdoing that’s fine… That is not what this is. This site routinely allows flamewars in which coaches and even STUDENTS are routinely defamed, sometimes by members of the NSD staff. Where is the censorship then?

      • silencedbynsd

        So I was just censored again without a reason given, but I will try to make the same point a little differently.

        I am not “cultfollower” and I don’t know much about most of the people he is talking about.

        Anyone who says drinking doesn’t happen at NSD or isn’t a problem is not credible. There is barely an attempt to hide it from students.

        – Lab leaders are routinely late, sometimes hours late to lab and show up clearly hung over.

        – It is common knowledge that after curfew the staff gets trashed, including the underage staff, clearly with the knowledge and approval of everyone else. Kids at camp commonly talked about incidents that happened involving drunk staff including the infamous “white dog night.”

        I doubt that anyone involved could reasonably deny anything I have said. Libel is only libel if it is false.

        That said, it would be reasonable for this site to take the position that any accusations like this, or other disparaging comments will be moderated, but they haven’t. nsdupdate has taken a stance against censorship (see my previous post) and it has allowed damaging accusations/statements to stay up as long as they are made against coaches AND STUDENTS who are not affiliated with NSD.

        Reasonable rules for moderating comments are fine but self-serving DOUBLE STANDARDS are not.

      • Wesley Hu

        @silencedbynsd:disqus I see your comment has been deleted, I am assuming by mods/admins, but I’m interested in hearing what you have to say so feel free to message me on facebook or email me at if you want.

      • JP Stuckert

        I can confirm the best coach ever remark, though I hear he has a tendency to give Sazbel lower than 28.5s every time he judges him

        • Sam_Azbel

          False, son. He gave me a 28.6 at emory 😉

    • Wade Houston

      In late 2012 there were some accusations that I was “Lifer at Law,” an inflammatory yet arguably hilarious anonymous poster (I actually don’t recall specifically whether Lifer at Law was funny; maybe it was the “High King” post about Jon Cruz being a medieval lord with an army of minions or whatever that I found entertaining).

      Sam Azbel raised the point that surely the poster was not me, because I no longer care about debate. Cultfollower, your post seems to infer from Sam’s point that at least some NSD lab leaders do not care about debate. This is not a fair assumption. Sam did nothing to imply that I did not care about debate at the time I was teaching at NSD. Rather, his point was that following my retirement from teaching at debate camp, I no longer care enough about debate that I would start a flame war via anonymous posts.

      Also, hi everyone. I hope you’re all doing well.

      • Sam_Azbel

        Glad to see you are still alive, Wade!

    • dmoerner

      You came to NSD for an admittedly ‘dumb’ reason, to get hacks. If that was your mindset coming in, it’s no surprise that you had a bad experience. (I’m also confused why you came to NSD for this reason if you’re sufficiently tied to a local circuit to not want to spread.)

      It’s inevitable that some students will prefer other camps. But I think that the vast majority of students have a really positive experience at NSD. This reflects my personal experience and years of reading student evals.

    • Charlie Blatt

      Everyone from Scarsdale goes to NSD because we have collectively agreed that it provides the best overall package of any camp, which includes all of the things I said about small group instruction, practice rounds, etc. Also, I happen to personally believe in NSD, not just because my school goes there. As anyone who has ever seen me debate knows, I am not your classic tricks and frivolous theory Scarsdalian. Rather, I would infinitely prefer to have a substantive round. NSD did not demand that I debate like my teammates. On the contrary, it allowed me to come into my own while debating in a style I felt more comfortable with. Thus, NSD was actually an obvious choice for me specifically. Also, you should probably use your name if you are going to personally indict me, Ben, Sazbel, and Jessica or at the very least talk to us individually.

      • mcgin029

        “I am not your classic tricks and frivolous theory Scarsdalian.”

        I treasure the implicit admission here. I may card this.

    • Sam_Azbel

      O my goodness. please tell me this is a joke?! Wade was one of the best lab leaders ever! He worked hard in lab and was one of the most intense drill masters I have ever had in a lab setting. In my post defending wade last year my point was that Wade is a southern gentleman who doesn’t have time to engage in flame wars. He has better stuff to do, like going to law school.

    • anon645

      You know you’re desparate for upvotes when you do it from your other account lol

    • Fritz Pielstick


  • neverwentback

    I tried to post this on the “Why YOU Should go to NSD Thread” but it was
    deleted and comments were locked. I thought this site was against

    “I have to agree with the original poster. The entire time I was at NSD I felt extremely uncomfortable. While the solution of telling a staff member sounds nice, most of the time it was the staff that was the problem.

    Staff consistently referred to other debaters and coaches as “strugs” “Idiots”
    and worse. My lab leaders called another coach (who I had worked with before) “stupid” and a “whore” in front of the entire lab. I also heard a lab leader call another student at the camp a “fucking faggot.” It really wasn’t students who were the problem at all, the elitism started at the top.

    At the “women in debate” event males on the staff aggressively questioned female students while they tried to share their experiences. A few of them stood in the corner laughing AT STUDENTS.

    But by far the worse thing was that on almost a nightly basis most of the staff was totally wasted. The curfew seemed to just be an excuse for the staff to smoke and drink, and it wasn’t even subtle. I am sure this happens to some extent at any camp where college aged people work but it made me very uncomfortable. I know some students who had staff members barge into their rooms drunk in the middle of the night, and others who smoked with their lab leaders.

  • Drew Burd

    Also, I think you forgot to add strake jesuit should be on the teams list since they have 8 bids.

    • BenjaminKoh

      word, thanks

  • Guest

    I think Brentwood’s bid count is wrong, 12 not 10

  • Ryan Teehan

    Teehan has 2 e’s

    • BenjaminKoh


  • Johnny Boy


  • Rebar Niemi

    heh heh heh my boy be qualled see y’all in kentucky chilluns.

    • mcgin029


  • Emily Hu

    My school name has been misspelled; it’s DuPont Manual, not “DuPont Manuel.” Thank you!

    • BenjaminKoh

      Fixed, thanks

  • Zack Parker

    Go LaJolla Vikings, Go!

  • CTYcrossoverJA

    McKay is not included in Loyola

  • Drew Burd

    Jake also got his third bid at Whitman, not Meadows. 🙂

    Thanks for the list Ben.

    • BenjaminKoh

      It was a long weekend.

  • anon645

    Tyler Gamble got his second bid at St. Mark’s, not Bronx

  • Drew Burd

    Anthony Tohme and JP Stuckert from strake bid at st. mark’s, not john sasso.

  • anonymous222

    jim huang bid at valley

  • Nikhil Nandu

    University School also needs to be added to the list
    David has two bids and Saahil has one

  • Jacob Ronkin

    David Branse is ’15, not ’16

    • BenjaminKoh

      Fixed, Thanks

      • Anon6969

        lol its not fixed doe

        • BenjaminKoh

          Yes it is, doe.

  • Charles McClung

    Leah Shapiro (St. Louis Park) and Varun Bhave (Del Mar) also acquired bids at Valley.

    • BenjaminKoh

      Fixed, Thanks

  • Jonas

    You guys forgot harker with 2 bids as a “school”

    • BenjaminKoh

      I intentionally did not add schools or people w/ 2 bids to the school list.

      • Jonas

        Oh sorry, its just cause you guys had hockady with 2 bids when it was Chloe naguib and Anne Marie Huang BOTH from grapevine. I just thought maybe you missed it. Sorry.