Bronx Science and Newark Science Co-Champ Bump

Contratulations to Isis Davis-Marks of Bronx Science and Adegoke Fakorede of Newark Science for their co-championship of the Malcolm A. Bump Memorial Tournament at Hendrick Hudson High School in New York.

Isis is coached by Jon Cruz, Abhi Elisetty, Nathan Cha, and Zack Struver. Adegoke is coached by Jonathan Alston, Chris Randall, and Dr. Tommy Curry. 

Declaring co-champions is a tradition at the Bump Memorial.

Congratulations to both debaters and their coaches!


Sacred Heart AT defeats Ridge NP (Neha Pai)

Newark Science AK defeats Lexington AQ (Ayman Quadir)

Bronx Science ZPo defeats Harrison EE (Ella Eisinger)

Harrison KK defeats Monticello DA (Daniel Aguirre)

Harrison AG defeats Newark Science NS (Nicholas Santiago)

Bronx Science JS defeats Ridge TT (Timothy Tang)

Newark Science AF defeats Hunter College SC (Sarah Cogan)

Syosset AM defeats Bronx Science DR (Diganta Rashed)

Harrison SR defeats Hunter College AK (Alina Kulman)

Harrison EA defeats Ridge SK (Shankar Krishnan)

Hunter College BL defeats Collegiate NE (Nathan Ewing-Crystal)

Scarsdale MM defeats Collegiate DK (Dean Kieserman)

Benjamin Cardozo AB defeats Scarsdale MC (Marie Ceske)

Concord Carlisle DL defeats Byram Hills SC (Sarah Crucilla)

Byram Hills PE defeats Stuyvesant TC (Talia Coyne)

Bronx Science ID defeats Ridge VKa (Vikram Kalghatgi)



Sacred Heart AT defeats Newark Science AK (Amit Kukreja)

Harrison KK defeats Bronx Science ZPo (Zoe Posner)

Bronx Science JS defeats Harrison AG (Amy Geller)

Newark Science AF defeats Syosset AM (Aram Moghaddassi)

Harrison SR advances over Harrison EA (Elyssa Alfieri)

Hunter College BL defeats Scarsdale MM (Matt Mandel)

Benjamin Cardozo AB defeats Concord Carlisle DL (Daniel Lu)

Bronx Science ID defeats Byram Hills PE (Paul Erlanger)



Sacred Heart AT defeats Harrison KK (Kathryn Kenny)

Newark Science AF defeats Bronx Science JS (John Staunton)

Harrison SR defeats Hunter College BL (Ben Laufer)

Bronx Science ID defeats Benjamin Cardozo AB (Alex Boukis)



Newark Science AF defeats Sacred Heart AT (Adam Tomasi)

Bronx Science ID defeats Harrison SR (Sarah Ryan)



Newark Science AF (Adegoke Fakorede) and Bronx Science ID (Isis Davis-Marks)