At-Larges Announced 2014- 8 Confirmed So Far

Lexington, KY- The TOC will be releasing at-larges today. The coaches of those who have received at-larges will receive an email.




UPDATE: At-larges confirmed so far (unofficially).

Taylor Amey- Bettendorf
Rebecca Gelfer- Clements
Ryan Teehan- Delbarton
Julie Engel- Harvard Westlake
Ariel Shin- Immaculate Heart
Azam Baig- Kempner
Dana Councilman- St. Louis Park
Sophia Caldera- Walt Whitman


  • Sweyn

    I deserved to qual to TOC, with my intelligence and good looks. Whatever though, I will coach the next Sophie Ruff

  • Sweyn

    Stop censoring my comments. I have a right to free speech

  • Sweyn

    How tf did some of these people get at larges? You guys know the four I am talking about.

  • Annie Zhu

    Huge congratulations to Dana Councilman on getting the at-large – so proud of you and so happy that all of your hard work has paid off! Go kill it at TOC!!

  • Anon Debater

    When are they normally released?

    • sjadler

      Roughly around today. Usually I think closer to March 31/April 1, which has made for some relatively funny reactions.

      • Anon Debater

        Rather, what time are the released, but it looks like they’re already out! Another quick question, how many at larges are there?