Gina Scorpiniti Wins 2014 Westside Warrior Invitational


Omaha, NE- Congratulations to WDM Valley’s Gina Scorpiniti for defeating  St. Louis Park’s Dana Councilman to win the 2014 edition of the Omaha Westside Warrior Invitational. Gina is coached by Lucy Korsakov, Alex Kramer, Adam Hoffman and Dave McGinnis. Dana is coached by Charles McClung, Christian Tarsney, Graham Tierney and Geoffrey Kristoff.


Partial Octofinals

WDM Valley GS Advances w/out debating

St. Louis Park DC Advances w/out debating

Hopkins MB Advances w/out debating

Hopkins CK Advances w/out debating

WDM Valley TG Advances w/out debating

Lincoln CM defeats Ralston GB (Grant Brown)

St. Louis Park DC defeats Millard West RS (Richa Sirohi)

Hopkins RA defeats Millard North CB (Connor Brown)



WDM Valley GS defeats Lincoln CM (Caleb Martin)

St. Louis Park DC defeats Lincoln SD (Sarah DiMagno)

Hopkins MB advances over Hopkins RA (Rae Akinsanya)

Hopkins CK defeats WDM Valley TG (Trent Gilbert)



WDM Valley GS defeats Hopkins CK (Claire Kuefner)

St. Louis Park DC defeats Hopkins MB (Mia Berman)



WDM Valley GS defeats St. Louis Park DC (Dana Councilman)



WDM Valley GS (Gina Scorpiniti)