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Florida, USA- Congratulations to Walt Whitman’s Jessica Levy for defeating Scarsdale’s Ben Ulene to win the 2014 Sunvitational. Jessica along with winning the tournament, being top speaker, and being top seed also did not drop a ballot.  Jessica is coached by Emily Massey, Eric Palmer, Jeremy Dang, and Michael Harris. Scarsdale is coached by Joe Vaughan, Joseph Millman, and Sam Mathews. Both are coached by Coach Doug Ulene.



Walt Whitman JL def. Trinity Prep AR (Arvind Raju) (Sigalow, Huett, Quirch)

Sacred Heart AT def. Bronx ID (Isis Davis-Marks) (Sigalow, Querido, Massey)

Scarsdale BU def. Lake Highland SP (Sreya Pinnamaneni) (Kawahara, Castillo, Renzi)

Lexington PC def. Scarsdale NT (Noah Thaler) (Kawahara, Castillo, Huett)

Brandeis CD def. Strake Jesuit RC (Richard Cook) (Wilder, Chavez, Montecalvo)

Scarsdale JA def. Bettendorf EH (Eric Hale) (Wilder, Chy, Ditzian)

Oxbridge NV def. Bronx CL (Carolyn Lau) (Brown, Joannides, Leavoy)

LAMP RR def. Walt Whitman YC (Yael Caplan) (Brown, *Leavoy, Evnen)

Scarsdale CB def. Bronx JS (John Staunton) (Ehrlich, *Fried, Hense)

Bronx DM def. Monticello DT (Dustin Thomas) (Ehrlich, Fried, Hense)

Cypress Bay JS def. CTY JL (Jae Lee) (Abid, Ditzian, Massey)

Columbus NA def. Lexington DA (Dan Alessandro) (Abid, Eastlund, Tedrow)

Lake Highland NN def. Strake Jesuit JZ (Joe Zaghrini) (Hymson, *Weisberg, Evnen)

Lake Highland SA def. Walt Whitman DM (Daisy Massey) (Hymson, Weisberg, *Quirch)

Trinity Prep MP def. Columbus MO (Michael Ortega) (Vaughan, Renzi, Joannides)

Strake Jesuit JS over Strake Jesuit J (JP Stuckert)



Walt Whitman JL def. Trinity Prep MP (Matthew Pregasen) (Fried, Ehrlich, Vaughan)

Scarsdale BU def. Lake Highland SA (Sam Azbel) (Castillo, *Renzi, Struver)

Brandeis CD def. Columbus NA (Nick Anderson) (*Hymson, Abid, Wilder)

Bronx DM def. Oxbridge NV (Nalin Vattigunta) (Kawahara, Weisberg, LArey)

LAMP RR def. Scarsdale CB (Charlie Blatt) (*Ditzian, Tedrow, Querido)

Cypress Bay JS defe. Scarsdale JA (Josh Annex) (Eastlund, Chy, Evnen)

Lake Highland NN def. Lexington PC (Preetham Chippada) (Huett, *Massey, Hense)

Strake Jesuit JS def. Sacred Heart AT (Adam Tomasi) (Joannides, Sigalow, Rose)



Walt Whitman JL def. Strake Jesuit JS (John Sasso) (Joannides, Sigalow, Kawahara)

Scarsdale BU def. Lake Highland NN (Nikhil Nandu) (Renzi, Huett, Chy)

Cypress Bay JS def. Brandeis CD (Courtney DeVore) (Castillo, Wilder, Massey)

Bronx DM def. LAMP RR (Ruchir Rastogi) (Evnen, *Abid, Hymson)



Walt Whitman JL def. Bronx DM (Daiya Massac) (Sigalow, Huett, Abid)

Scarsdale BU def. Cypress Bay JS (Jake Steirn) (Wilder, Evnen, Castillo)



Walt Whitman JL def. Scarsdale BU (Ben Ulene) (Huett, Kawahara, Evnen)



1) Jessica Levy- Walt Whitman

2) Courtney DeVore- Brandeis

3) Daisy Massey- Walt Whitman

4) Mathew Pregasen- Trinity Prep

5) Nalin Vattigunta- Oxbridge

6) Michael Ortega- Columbus

7) Charlie Blatt- Scarsdale

8) Sam Azbel- Lake Highland

9) Nick Anderson- Columbus

10) Jake Steirn- Cypress Bay

11) Daiya Massac- Bronx Science

12) Ruchir Rastogi- LAMP

13) Nikhil Nandu- Lake Highland

14) Josh Annex- Scarsdale

15) Ben Ulene- Scarsdale

16) Noah Thaler- Scarsdale

17) John Sasso- Strake Jesuit

18) Isis Davis-Marks- Bronx Science

19) JP Stuckert- Strake Jesuit

20) Adam Tomasi- Sacred Heart