Jim Huang Wins the 2014 Louisiana State Tournament

Congratulations to New Orleans Jesuit’s Jim Huang for defeating Isidore Newman’s Matthew Meyer to win the 2014 Louisiana State Championship on March 22, 2014. Jim is coached by Ian Gunn. Matthew is coached by Greg Malis and Alma Nicholson. Thanks to Ian Gunn and Jim Huang for results!


Isidore Newman MM def. Alexandria DW (Dena Winegeart) (3-0)

New Orleans Jesuit AV def. Isidore Newman AA (Alexis Alex) (2-1)

New Orleans Jesuit JH def. Christ Episcopal MK (Matthew Koshak) (2-1)

Ben Franklin SF def. New Orleans Jesuit RH (Reuben Hogan) (2-1)




Isidore Newman MM def. New Orleans Jesuit AV (Arjun Verma) (2-1)

New Orleans Jesuit JH def. Ben Franklin SF (Sean Fahey) (3-0)



New Orleans Jesuit JH def. Isidore Newman MM (Matthew Meyer) (2-1 – Melancon, Koshak, *Lancon)