Lake Highland Closes Out Collegiate Round Robin

New York City –

Congratulations to Neal Kapoor and Sreya Pinnameneni of Lake Highland Prep, who closed out the final round of the 2014 Collegiate Round Robin. The Round Robin was hosted by Aracelis Biel.

Neal and Sreya are coached by George Clemens, Fred Ditzian, Terrence Lonam, Daisy Massey, Joseph Millman, and Nikhil Nandu.

The top five speakers were:

1. Neal Kapoor, Lake Highland

2. Leora Korn, Walt Whitman

3. Sreya Pinnameneni, Lake Highland

4. Oliver Korten, Bronx Science

5. Trent Gilbert, Valley

This is the eleventh edition of this event, which, as the Vassar Round Robin, was founded in 2003 by Jon Cruz. The competition moved from Poughkeepsie to Manhattan in 2011, and management of the tournament transitioned to the Collegiate School and coach Biel in 2013.