Akhil Jalan Takes the 2014 Battle for Los Angeles Round Robin

Los Angeles, CA-Congratulations to La Jolla’s Ram Prasad for winning the Downtown Pod and Loyola’s Chris Kymn for winning the Westside Pod. Chris had to leave early due to a travel conflict, so the runner-up, Peninsula’s Akhil Jalan, took Chris’s place in the final round. On a 2-1 decision (Bob Overing, Placido, *Harris), Akhil was declared the champion! Ram is coached by Tom Evnen, Jordan Lamothe, Zack Parker, and Jeff Liu. Chris is coached by Michael Overing, John Scoggin, Bob Overing, Tom Placido, Tim McHugh, Ashan Peiris, Adam Bistagne, and Benjamin Koh. Akhil is coached by Scott Wheeler, Akash Gogate, and Chris Theis.



Brentwood JL

Brentwood MR

Immacualte Heart ASh

John Marshall DD

La Jolla RP

Loyola MG

Peninsula AT



Brentwood JC

Immaculate Heart KH

Los Altos SD

Loyola CK

Peninsula AJ

Peninsula JZ


Update April 14, 2014

Michael Overing announces the Battle for Los Angeles Lincoln-Douglas Round Robin to be hosted at the University of Southern California on April 19, 2014.  Participants are debaters who have qualified to the Tournament of Champions from the Greater Los Angeles Area.   Confirmed entries are

Varun Bhave (Del Mar)

Jacob Chorches (Brentwood)

Salim Damerdji (Los Altos)

David Dosch (John Marshall)

McKay Giller (Loyola)

Katie Hughes (Immaculate Heart)

Akhil Jalan (PV Peninsula)

Chris Kymn (Loyola)

Jackson Lallas (Brentwood)

Jared Paul (Brentwood)

Ram Prasad (La Jolla)

Micah Rosen (Brentwood)

Sabrina Shammas (Brentwood)

Ariel Shin (Immaculate Heart)

Arjun Tambe (PV Peninsula)

James Zhang (PV Peninsula)