Grapevine, Texas, Congratulations to Greenhill’s Varad Agarwala for defeating Hockaday’s Anne-Marie Hwang to win the 2014 Colleyville Heritage Invitational. Varad is coached by Aaron Timmons, Neil Conrad, Bekah Boyer, and Rebecca Kuang. Anne-Marie is coached by Eric Melin, Catherine Tarsney, Jason Sykes, and Annie Zhu. Speaker awards will be posted once released.



Hockaday CN def. Law Magnet DD (Dino DeLao) (Woods, *Arnett, Stephens)

Westwood AG def. Grapevine AY (Alexander Yoakum) (Woods, Arnett, Stephens)

Greenhill VA def. Dulles KL (Kathie Lin) (Levy, Melin, *Gill)

Kempner AB def. Dulles NB (Nolan Burdett) (Levy, Melin, *Gill)

Greenhill BE def. Woodlands HA (Hudson Attar) (Agho-Otohigle, Boyd, Wei)

Greenhill GB def. Winston Churchill MW (Micky Wolf) (Agho-Otoghile, Boyd, Wei)

Flower Mound JT def. Houston Memorial RM (Rajat Mahndiratta) (Boyer, Powell, Hodge)

Katy Taylor NY def. Law Magnet RD (Ruben Delgado) (Boyer, Powell, Hodge)

Hockaday AH def. Cypress Woods NS (Natasha Stewart) (Clancy, Berdugo, *Cavanaugh)

Hockaday LU def. Marcus LH (Lyndie Ho) (Clancy, Berdugo, Cavanaugh)

Woodlands VM def. Cypress Falls TH (Tashrima Hossain) (Becker, Johnston, Koshak)

Kempner VM def. Plano East SA (Shomik Ati) (Becker, Johnston, *Koshak)

Travis AS def. Trinity Valley PK (Parth Kalaria) (*Shields, Wright, Timmons)

Flower Mound JS def. Winston Churchill ZZ (Zachary Zertuche) (Shields, *Wright, Timmons)

Greenhill MM def. Cypress Falls KS (Karman Singh) (Sims, Tripe, Singri)

Cypress Woods XX def. Christ Episcopal MK (Matthew Koshak) (Sims, *Tripe, Singri)



Hockaday CN def. Cypress Woods XX (Xixiang Xiong) (Sims, Berdugo, *Boyer)

Greenhill VA def. Flower Mound JS (Jalaj Sood) (Cavanaugh, Boyd, *Yim)

Greenhill BE def. Kempner VN (Vincent Nguyen) (Powell, Wei, *Okere)

Hockaday LU def. Flower Mound JT (Jeremy Tsai) (Clancy, Hodge, Koshak)

Hockaday AH def. Katy Taylor NY (Neel Yerneni) (Stephens, Woods, *Levy)

Woodlands VM def. Greenhill GB (Graham Baker) (*Becker, Melin, Arnett)

Westwood AG def. Greenhill MM (Mitali Mathur) (Kassam, Tripe, Eddy)



Hockaday CN def. Westwood AG (Akhil Gandra) (Sims, Stephens, *Berdugo)

Greenhill VA def. Kempner AB (Azam Baig) (*Clancy, Levy, Kassam)

Greenhill BE def. Woodlands VM (Venkatesh Muppaneni) (Hodge, Becker, *Wei)

Hockaday AH over Hockaday LU (Lakshmi Uppalapati)



Greenhill VA over Greenhill BE (Bennet Eckert)

Hockaday AH over Hockaday CN (Chloe Naguib)



Greenhill VA def. Hockaday AH (Anne-Marie Hwang) (Berdugo, Woods, Levy)