Pranav Reddy Wins Golden Desert

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Las Vegas, NV- Congratulations to Harker’s Pranav Reddy and Los Altos’s Salim Damerdji for advancing to the final round of this year’s edition of Golden Desert. On a 3-0 decision, Pranav was victorious. Pranav is coached by Nikhil Nag, Ryan Fink, and Greg Achten. Salim is coached by Ilya Gaidarov,  Saleil Bhat, Erik Baker, Jae Lee, Navot Tidhar and Brennan Caruthers.

A special thanks to guest correspondent Ryan Fink for the photograph!

HW CC def. Alta SI (Sierra Inglet) (Auro, Bentley, Knell)

Milpitas SS def. Arbor View AA (Arjun Arora) (Overing, Shmikler, Amestoy)

Los Altos SD def. CPS CL (Charlotte Lawrence) (Lin, McHugh, Torson)

Loyola CK def. Denver East MC (Micahel Crabtree) (Hellebuick, Jacobson, Letak)

Brentwood MR def. Del Mar OG (Omar Gaidarov) (Garrette, Swallow, Amestoy)

Brentwood SS def. Harker RX (Raymond Xu) (Hamilton, Lin, Miller)

HW MO def. Lynbrook DW (Dhruv Walia) (Bentley, Graham, Legried)

HW SH def. Meadows LS (Luis Sandoval) (Gover, Legried, Letak)

Harker SP def. Brentwood JR (Jacob Reiter) (Alderete, Knell, Overing)

Brentwood JL def. McClintock WN (William Neibergall) (Fink, Hamilton, Garrett)

HW AK def. Loyola NR (Nick Rogers) (Hellebuick, Middleton, Weiss)

Loyola MG def. Del Mar KK (Kevin Krotz) (Middleton, Morris, Torson)

Milpitas RG def. Bingham TP (Thomas Phung) (Auro, Iqbal, O’Krent)

Immaculate Heart KH def. Meadows MS (Melanie Shackleford) (Babb, Graham, Jacobson)

HW JE def. Brentwood JC (Jacob Chorches) (Fink, McHugh, Weiss)

Harker PR def. Miramonte TK (Tom Kadie) (Babb, Dalton, Shmikler)



HW CC def. Brentwood MR (Hellebuick, Knell, Torson)

HW JE def. Milpitas SS (Auro, Fink, Garrett)

Los Altos SD def. Brentwood SS (Graham, Lin, Overing)

Harker PR def. Loyola CK (Jacobson, Garrett, Torson)

HW SH def. Harker SP (*Alderete, Legried, Amestoy)

Loyola MG def. Brentwood JL (Fink, Hellebuick, Knell)

Immaculate Heart KH def. Milpitas RG (Babb, Legried, Shmikler)

HW MO over HW AK


Immaculate Heart KH def. HW SH

Los Altos SD def. Loyola MG

Harker PR def. HW CC

HW JE def. Milpitas SS


Harker PR def. HW JE

Los Altos SD def. Immaculate Heart KH


Harker PR def. Los Altos SD (Amestoy, Graham, Knell)

  • Guest

    Cheaters should not win tournaments.

    Clipping cards is cheating, but apparently 3 judges thought differently.

    • Anon

      Care to explain your accusations?

    • Drew Burd

      I have seen Pranav debate and I am sure he hasn’t clipped cards, and there is no reason for him to change, although he may be hard to flow sometimes 😉

    • Salim Damerdji

      The judges made the right decision given the in-round arguments and the rfd’s were insightful. I’m not sure why you think the panel is in some conspiracy to promote bad evidence ethics.

      After having talked to Harker, I assure you Pranav is not a cheater and he did not intend to clip cards. You should just stop trying to instigate a flame war because honestly it’s not worth anyone’s time. Pranav is an awesome debater and it’s not surprising he ended up winning the tournament.

  • Erik Baker

    Congratulations to Salim, one of the hardest working debaters I’ve ever worked with. Since he emailed me before NSD two summers ago, I’ve been consistently impressed with your hard work and dedication, and I can’t wait to see you continue to go ham the rest of the year.

  • CTYcrossoverJA

    Good job Salim! You’ve worked so hard for this moment dude, you totally deserve it! Congrats on finals and the bid you fucked shit up here and I know you will at Stanford and Berkeley! Let’s goooo! #lonewolf