Danny DeBois and Noah Thaler are 2014 Hendrick Hudson Co-Champions



Montrose, NY- The semifinal rounds of the 2014 Hendrick Hudson Invitational (Bump) took place separately from the tournament. Congratulations to Danny DeBois and Noah Thaler for being declared Co-Champions. Danny is coached by Chetan Hertzig and Henry Zhang. Noah is coached by Joe Vaughan, Joseph Millman, Sam Mathews, and Coach Doug.



Ridge JW def. Newark Science SS (Hertzig, Insana, *Trevett)

Sacred Heart AT def. Collegiate NE (Nathan Ewing-Crystal) (Kasinki, Shaner, *Koh)

Hunter College DL def. Scarsdale MM (Matt Mandel) (Thompson, Shaner, *Koh)

Shrewsbury NK def. Ridge TT (Timothy Tang) (Segal, Tirado, Berruti)

Harrison DD def. Regis JC (Janus Cataluna) (Walker, Gofman, Yastremski)

Randolph NC def. Byram Hills AJ (Amos Jeng) (Struver, Curtis,  Thompson)

Harrison AG def. Benjamin N Cardozo AB (Alex Boukis) (*Biel, Scofield, Wei)

Hunter College SC def. Bronx CL (Carolyn Lau) (*Cumming, Melnick, Gorthey)

Monticello DT def. Stuyvesant SV (Sweyn Venderbush) (Lee, Elisetty, *Caruthers)

Scarsdale TC def. Bronx JS (John Staunton) (Biel, Caruthers, *Alston)

Scarsdale NT def. Harrison KK (Kathryn Kenny) (Wei, Coleman, Gofman)

Montclair Kimberley BW def. Berkeley CS (Charles Sherman) (*Insler, Aguirre, Walker)

Scarsdale CB def. Bronx ID (Isis Davis-Marks) (Kasinki, Curtis, Kelly)

Hunter College RH def. Delbarton RT (Ryan Teehan) (*Gorthey, Goldman, Cumming

Monticello LS def. Scarsdale SJ (Samara Jacobson) (Hertzig, Berruti, *Elisetty)

Newark Science CQ def. Harrison EA (Elyssa Alifieri) (Yastremski, Trevett, *Wexler)



Harrison DD def. Randolph NC (Nathan Cha) (Wei, *Elisetty, Aoyama)

Scarsdale CB def. Monticello DT (Dustin Thomas) (Shaner, Hertzig, Insler)

Sacred Heart AT def. Newark Science CQ (Christiqn Qurioz) (Lee, Trevett, Cumming)

Harrison AG def. Montclair Kimberley BW (Benjamin Wallach) (Alston, Scofield, Walker)

Ridge JW def. Monticello LS (Lucas Smith) (Koh, Segal, Thompson)

Scarsdale TC def. Shrewsbury NK (Naveen Kumar) (Gorthey, Berruti, Kelly)

Scarsdale NT def. Hunter College SC (Sarah Cogan) (Curtis, Struver, Kasinki)



Harrison DD def. Scarsdale CB (Charlie Blatt) (Tirado, Gorthey, Biel)

Ridge JW def. Hunter College DL (Danny Li) (Struver, Hertzig, Cumming)

Sacred Heart AT def. Scarsdale TC (Tomer Cherki) (Kasinki ,Curtis, Yastremski)

Scarsdale NT def. Harrison AG (Amy Geller) (Wei, Alston, Scofield)



Scarsdale NT def. Ridge JW (Jack Wilson) (Trivia? *Brooklyn, New York, New York?)

Harrison DD def. Sacred Heart AT (Adam Tomasi) (Biel, Zhou, *Berruti)



Harrison DD and Scarsdale NT are Co-Champions



1. Danny DeBois- Harrison

2. Noah Thaler- Scarsdale


  • Robert Sheard

    Out of curiosity, why did rounds stop after quarters?

    • Jim Menick

      We get thrown out of the building at 9:00. Rounds will transpire at Princeton and Lexington to conclude the tournament.

  • Charlie Blatt

    Congrats to Noah on the 13th bid for the Dale and finishing his qual! Further congrats to Tomer on his first bid round, Jack on the incredibly well deserved bid, Samara for breaking for the first time in varsity (Scarsdale women in debate!), and Danny for another excellent round.

  • Stuyvesant SW should be Stuyvesant SV.

    Adam may have gone 8-0 and got his 4th bid, but he lost his rap battle in a 2-1:

    • UTIL.DB8R

      Byram Hills may not got bids but they got swag.