Chris Kymn Wins 2014 Kandi King Round Robin

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Northland Christian School, Texas- Congratulations to Loyola’s Chris Kymn for defeating La Jolla’s Ram Prasad to win the 2014 Kandi King Round Robin (Lonam, Woods, Castillo, Durrani, *Student Vote [*The Azbel]). Chris is coached by Michael Overing, John Scoggin, Bob Overing, Tom Placido, Tim McHugh, Ashan Peiris, Adam Bistagne, and Benjamin Koh. Ram is coached by Jeff Liu, Zack Parker, and Tom Evnen.



Ram Prasad def. David Branse (Durrani, Dillard, Castillo)
Chris Kymn def. Akhil Gandra (Lonam, Arnett, Woods)



Loyola CK def. La Jolla RP (Ram Prasad) (Lonam, Woods, Castillo, Durrani, *Student Vote [*The Azbel]).


Kandi Pod

Cameron Cohen- Harvard Westlake

Chris Kymn- Loyola

Christian Quiroz- Newark Science

David Branse- University

Davis LaBarre- Northland Christian

Neel Yerneni- Katy Taylor

Sam Azbel- Lake Highland

Tyler Gamble- Kinkaid


King Pod

Akhil Gandra- Westwood

Arun Sharma- Travis

Chloe Naguib- Hockaday

Jae Ahn- CTY

McKay Giller- Loyola

Nikhil  Nandu- Lake Highland

Ram Prasad- La Jolla

Xixiang Xiong- Cypress Woods


  • All Ballots will be entered at
  • There are no paper ballots.
  •  1-30 speaker point scale, use the whole scale. An average debater should get a 15
  • Anon Debater

    What is that I see? Is that a smile on Mr. Prasad’s face?

    • Martin Sigalow

      Best finalist picture

      • Guest

        Ram is wearing a new dress shirt and tie also

  • TaylorAmey

    Ram is coached so well by Jeff they had to put his name in there twice 😉

    • BenjaminKoh

      I had a rather long day

    • Nick Smith

      The coach so nice they named him twice.

  • Pat Donovan


    Ram Prasad v. David Branse (Durrani, Dillard, Castillo)
    Akhil Gandra v. Chris Kymn (Lonam, Arnett, Woods)

  • Drew Burd

    Pretty sure it isn’t a joke but it would be interesting to see how speaks turn out since it is a new scale. Also, it may be unclear what an “average” debater is since all these people qualed to the TOC, but I would be interested in seeing if this new system works out.

  • Anon Debater

    Its a joke. (No, its not)

  • Dat Pool

    lol what happened to quality RR pools? :'(

    • Anon Debater

      I don’t see your point? All of these debaters are TOC qualled….

    • Sam_Azbel

      Right?!? Who is this Nikhil Nandu character?

      • Nikhil Nandu

        Ya that kid is absolute trash

    • CTYcrossoverJA

      yeah, who is this Akhil Gandra dude? He totally never cleared

    • Pat Donovan

      lol this is a charity event, why u hating?