Adam Tomasi Wins 2014 Lexington Round Robin

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Lexington, MA- Congratulations to Sacred Heart’s Adam Tomasi for defeating Collegiate’s Andrew O’Donohue to take the 2014 Lexington Round Robin. This is Adam’s second finals appearance (was a finalist last year). Adam is coached by Dan Sapir and Jacob Nails. Andrew is coached by Aracelis Biel and Mark Gorthey.


Pod 1:

1. Adam Tomasi – Sacred Heart(10-4)

2. Jessica Levy- Walt Whitman (9-5)

3. Shania Hunt – Northland Christian (7-7)

Chloe Naguib- Hockaday

Daiya Massac- Bronx Science

Katie Hughes- Immaculate Heart

Preetham Chippada- Lexington

Ryan Teehan- Delbarton


Pod 2:

1. Andrew O’Donohue- Collegiate (13-1)

2. Dan Alessandro- Lexington (8-6)

3. Christian Quiroz- Newark Science (7-7)

Anne-Marie Hwang- Hockaday

Davis LaBarre- Northland Christian

Daisy Massey- Walt Whitman

Mathew Pregasen- Trinity Prep

Lucas Smith- Monticello


Top 5 Speakers

1) Andrew O’Donohue- Collegiate

2) Jessica Levy- Walt Whitman

3) Adam Tomasi- Sacred Heart

4) Christian Quiroz- Newark Science

5) Preetham Chippada- Lexington


Top Smiler: Christian Quiroz


Dan Alessandro was awarded a picture of Squidward Tentacles.