Nathan Cha Wins the 2014 Newark Invitational

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Newark, NJ- Congratulations to Randolph’s Nathan Cha for winning the 2014 Newark Invitational. Nathan was declared champion due to being the higher seed. Nathan is coached by Kathy Qiu, Sam Natbony, Ben Horwitz, and was assisted by Yang Yi throughout the weekend. Arianna is coached by David Yastremski. Full results will be posted once released.



Ridge JW over Ridge NP (Neha Pai)

Byram Hills AJ def. Princeton CP (Connor Protter) (Gabriel, Struver, Upadhya)

Regis HK def. Byram Hills PE (Paul Erlanger) (Xu, Bathke, *Dunay)

Harrison EB def. Benjamin Cardozo AB (Alex Boukis) (*Bethea, Astacio, Dusaj)

Regis AF def. Montclair Kimberley BW (Benjamin Wallach) (Tirado, Segal, *Buckley)

Ridge AM def. Harrison SR (Sarah Ryan) (Insana, Antigua, *Torchio)

Bronx JS def. Hunter College SC (Sarah Cogan) (White, *Horwitz, Way)

Harrison AGe def. Monticello DT (Dustin Thomas) (Rombero, *Maniguet, Szporn)

Harrison BA def. Bronx IDa (Isid Davis-Marks) (*Johnson, Dincer, Itriyeva)

HArrison EAI def. Ridge AS (Aditya Sheth) (Bendi, Qiu, Yi)

Montville JM over Montville BG (Ben Gaudiosi)

Bronx OK def. Princeton DE (Daniel Edelberg) (Kukreja, *Choi, Erlanger)

Monticello LS def. Hill GW (Gillian Wenhold) (Meleta, Hertzig, Schuyler)

Timothy Christian DL def. Bronx GM (Griffin Miller) (Sheikh, *Kasinki, Meyer)



Ridge JW def.. Harrison AGe (Amy Geller) (*Sheikh, Yi, Xu)

Monticello LS def. Byram Hills AJ (Amos Jeng) (Meleta, Dunay, Gabriel)

Regis HK def. Bronx Science JS (John Staunton) (Torchio, Qiu, Way)

Bronx Science OK def. Harrison EB (Evan Burger) (Tirvado, Erlanger, *White)

Timothy Christian DL def. Regis AF (Aran Fox) (*Segal, Kasinski, Hertzig)

Randolph NC def. Harrison BA (Bea Almeida) (Szporn, Johnson, *Bethea)

Montville JM def. Harrison EAI (Elyssa Alfieri) (*Bendi, Itriyeva, Insana)



Timothy Christian DL def. Ridge JW (Jack Wilson) (Horowitz, Johnson, Antigua)

Monticello LS def. Regis HK (Harry Koo) (Meleta, Dincer, Tirado)

Randolph NC def. Harrison EB (Evan Burger) (Upadhya, Buckley, Dusaj)

Ridge AM def. Montville JM (James Min) (Maniguet, Struver, Kukreja)



Ridge AM def. Timothy Christian DL (Daniel Lufty) (Tirado, Marques, Johnson, Torchio, Meleta)

Randolph NC def. Monticello LS (Lucas Smith) (White, WAy, Antigua, Rombero, Kukreja)



Randolph NC over Ridge AM (Arianna Montero-Colbert)




  • GuestGuest

    Congrats to Arianna. She works so hard, very proud to see it pay off. #killinit #day1

  • anon24

    Congrats to Arianna!

  • Andrew Meleta

    I do have to say that this tournament was by far one of the most well run tournaments I have ever been to in my time in debate. With awful weather plaguing the New York area this tournament had to be condensed to one day as opposed to two. Nine rounds were completed in one day – 5 prelims and a break to partial doubles. The tournament only ended an hour later on Saturday than when it was two days. Mad props to the Newark Science team for running this so efficiently.

    • Benjamin Wallach

      Definitely and I do hope online ballots become the norm- this tournament (among others) showed how much more efficient they make a tournament.

  • PlazaMexico

    Nice try Yang. We all know you dropped in Quarters.

  • Wesley Hu