Daiya Massac Wins the 2014 NYSDCA State Tournament


Bronx, NY- Congratulations to Bronx Science’s Daiya Massac for defeating Hunter College’s Sarah Cogan to win the 2014 New York State Debate Coaches Association State Tournament (Koh, *Phillips, Cumming). Daiya is coached by Jon Cruz, Matt Dunay, Abhi Elisetty, and Zack Struver. Sarah is coached by Noel Selegzi and David Joannides.

Partial Octas

1) Scarsdale RG Advances w/out debating

2) Byram Hills AJ Advances w/out debating

3) Harrison SR Advances w/out debating

4) Byram Hills PE Advances w/out debating

5) Scarsdale MB def. 12) Bronx Science GM (Griffin Miller) (Koh, James, Erlanger)

6) Scarsdale DW def, 11) Hunter College BL (Ben Laufer) (Dunay, Trevett, Fowle)

7) Hunter College SC def 10) Scarsdale SJ (Samara Jacobson) (Phillips, Anderson, White)

8) Bronx Science DM over 9)  Bronx Science JS (John Staunton)



8) Bronx Science DM def 1) Scarsdale RG (Phillips, Trevett, White)

4) Byram Hills PE def. 5) Scarsdale MB (Michael Bogaty) (Dunay, James, *Biel)

6) Scarsdale DW vs 3) Harrison SR (Erlanger, *Anderson, Astacio)

7) Hunter College SC def. 2) Byram Hills AJ (Amos Jeng) (Elisetty, *Gellen, Fowle)



8) Bronx Science DM def. 4) Byram Hills PE (Paul Erlanger) (Bendi, Cumming, *Trevett)

7) Hunter College SC def. 6) Scarsdale DW (David Wang) (Koh, *Anderson, Phillips)



8) Bronx Science DM def. 7) Hunter College SC (Sarah Cogan) (Koh, *Phillips, Cumming)


1) Sarah Cogan- Hunter College
2) Amos Jeng- Byram Hills
3) Daiya Massac- Bronx Science
4) Sarah Ryan- Harrison
5) Paul Erlanger- Byram Hills
6) John Staunton- Bronx Science
7) Rahul Gosain- Scarsdale
8) Michael Bogaty- Scarsdale
9) Samara Jacobson- Scarsdale
10) Ben Laufer- Hunter College
11) Griffin Miller- Bronx Science
12) Diganta Rashad- Bronx Science
13) Kathryn Kenny- Harrison
14) Isis Davis-Marks – Bronx Science
15) Ella Eisinger- Harrison
16) Joanna Cohen- Hunter College
17) Sarah Crucilla- Byram Hills
18) Emerson Riback- Scarsdale
19) Daniel Aguirre- Monticello
20) David Wang- Scarsdale