Sarah McDonagh Wins the 2014 University of Puget Sound Invitational

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Washington, USA- Congratulations to Centennial’s Sarah McDonagh for defeating Brentwood’s Carson Horky to win the 2014 UPS Invitational. The tournament is a semis bid. Sarah is coached by Paul Montreuil and Joe Allen. Carson is coached by Victor Jih, Mollie Cowger, Naila Dharani, Erik Legried, Dylan Scher, and Richard Shmikler. Full results will be posted once released.



Ferris CC def. Annie Wright AV (Anisha Vora)

Bainbridge JM def. Brentwood KAN (Kelsey Allen-Niesen)

Brentwood CH Advances w/out debating

Brentwood SS def. Eastside Catholic DC (Drew Charters)

Centennial SM Advances w/out debating

Centennial ZM Advances w/out debating

Glacier Peak AH def. Eastside Catholic JM (Joseph Meehan)

Immaculate Heart AS Advances w/out debating

Milpitas RG Advances w/out debating

Milpitas MH def. Walla Walla MG (Malcolm Gabbard)

Milpitas SS Advances w/out debating

Mission San Jose AB Advances w/out debating

Oakwood NM over Oakwood JS (James Sanger)

Snohomish AS Advances w/out debating

Tahoma JB Advances w/out debating

Turlock CB Advances w/out debating



Brentwood CH def. Ferris CC (Chris Coles)

Centennial SM over Centennial ZM (Zane Miller)

Immaculate Heart AS def. Oakwood NM (Nathan Mostow)

Milpitas RG def. Glacier Peak AH (Alexander Helman)

Bainbridge JM def. Mission San Jose AB (Anand Balaji)

Snohomish AS def. Milpitas MH (Michelle Huang)

Brentwood SS def. Tahoma JB (Jabari Barton)

Turlock CB def. Milpitas SS (Satvir Saggi)



Snohomish AS def. Bainbridge JM (James Maltman) 2-1 (*Adler, Holliday, McDonagh)

Brentwood CH over Brentwood SS (Sabrina Shammas)

Centennial SM def. Immaculate Heart AS (Ariel Shin)

Milpitas RG def. Turlock CB (Chad Burgess)



Brentwood CH def. Milpitas RG (Rakshit Garg) 2-1 (Adler, Fitzgerald, *Carroll)

Centennial SM def. Snohommish AS (Alex Sapadin) 3-0



Centennial SM def. Brentwood CH (Carson Horky)



1) Jacob Reiter- Brentwood

2) Ariel Shin- Immaculate Heart

3) Rakshit Garg- Milpitas

4) Peter Hamilton- Newport

5) Carson Horky- Brentwood

6) Anand Balaji- Mission San Jose

7) Alex Sapadin- Snohomish