Bennett Eckert Wins 2nd Year Nationals; Harvard-Westlake Closes out 1st Year

Georgia- Congratulations to Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert for defeating Marlborough’s Annie Gersh (Sigalow, Babb, Keohane) to win 2nd Year Nationals at Woodward. Bennett is coached by Aaron Timmons, Neil Conrad, Bekah Boyer, and Rebecca Kuang. Annie is coached by Adam Torson.

Congratulations to Harvard Westlake’s Jesse Nadel and Noah Simon for closing out 1st Year Nationals at Woodward. They are coached by Mike Bietz, Daniel Tartakovsky, Stephen Babb, and Nate Zerbib-Berda.

2nd Years


Greenhill GB def. Lake Highland MC (Michael Corder) (Nunley, Zerbib, Zhang)

Marlborough AG def. Lake Highland NK (Neal Kapoor) (Babb, Pak, Hooker)

Walt Whitman LK def. Byram Hills PE (Paul Erlanger) (Babb, Pak, Hooker)

Greenhill BE def. Meadows KB (Kathy Bond) (Nunley, Zerbib, Zhang)



Marlborough AG def. Greenhill GB (Graham Baker) (*Babb, Sigalow, Wascher)

Greenhill BE def. Walt Whitman LK (Leora Korn) (Zerbib, Babb, Pak)



Greenhill BE def. Marlborough AG (Annie Gersh) (Sigalow, Babb, Keohane)


1st Years


Oxbridge BK def. Apple Valley JB (John Boals)  (Lamothe, Sigalow, Nails)

HW NS def. Byram Hills JB (Jack Briody) (Boyer, LaBarre, Stewart)

HW JN def. Northland MP (Margaret Purcell) (Lamothe, Sigalow, Nails)

HW CE def. Northland ML (Madison Lewis) (Knell, Walsh, Joannides)

Lake Highland AA def. Harker SP (Srivatsav Pyda) (Caldera, Keohane, *You)

HW KW def. Mountain Brook JW (John Weed) (*Boyer, LaBarre, Stewart)

Marlborough LG def. Harker AH (Alan Hughes) (Caldera, *Keohane, You)

HW DM def. Apple Valley LR (Lizzy Rhinehart) (Knell, Walsh, Joannides)



Oxbridge BK def. HW CE (Conor Engel) (*Bieytes, Nunley, Walsh)

HW NS def. Marlborough LG (Lily Goldsmith) (Caldera, *Lamothe, You)

Lake Highland AA def. HW KW (Kevin Wesel) (Boyer, Keohane, LaBarre)

HW JN over HW DM (Dario Madyoon)



HW NS def. Oxbridge BK (Brandon Kramer) (Walsh, You, Bieytes)

HW JN def. Lake Highland AA (Ari Azbel) (Boyer, *Caldera, Torson)



HW NS and HW JN Close Out

  • slythery snake

    I am aware

  • CTYcrossoverJA

    Oxrbidge BK is Brandon Kramer, not brandon kamer

  • Sam_Azbel

    Shoutout to Bennet and Harvard Westlake for their dominant performances at this tournament. Also, congrats to the one and only Ari Azbel for reaching sems of the 1st year tournament as an 8th grader! Your hard work and dedication has certainly paid off. I am a very proud brother!