Parth Kalaria Wins Laird Lewis

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Charlotte, NC- Congratulations to Trinity Valley’s Parth Kalaria for defeating Wren’s Jamie Hintson on a 3-2 decision to win Myers Park. Parth is coached by Nathan Johnston, Steven Adler, Yang Yi, and Stephanie Allen. Jamie is coached by Matthew Truesdale



BYE1 Delbarton Scho RT Ryan Teehan
17 Southside High RR Rahul Raghavan (Neg) def. 16 Carrboro high TP Tejal Patwardhan (AFF) 2-1

8 University Sch JR Jacob Ronkin (Neg) def. 25 Ardrey Kell Hi SS Sonam Shah (AFF) 3-0

24 University Sch RW Reese Wells (Neg) def. 9 Cape Fear Acad CL Celina Lin (AFF) 3-0

4 Trinity Valley PK Parth Kalaria (Neg) def. 29 Henry W. Grady TL Tiger Li (AFF) 2-1

13 Hawken School AF Aric Floyd (Neg) def. 20 Pinecrest High MM Mason Magruder (AFF) 2-1

5 University Sch VM Victor Mezacapa (AFF) def. 28 SandHoke Early JN Jade Noble (Neg) 3-0

12 Pinecrest High LP Logan Parke (Neg) def. 21 North Alleghen JZ Joe Zhao (AFF) 2-1

BYE2 Cary Academy PA Pujith Adusumilli

15 Wren Varsity H JH Jamie Hintson (Neg) def. 18 Bob Jones Acad MS Marina Shew (AFF) 3-0

26 Cary Academy HH Hannah hubbard (AFF) def. 7 Hawken School JW Jack Weisman (Neg) 2-1

10 Durham Academy DB Derek Brown (AFF) def. 23 Riverside High KY Kerry Yan (Neg) 2-1

BYE3 Laurel School LP Lisa Peng

19 Lake Highland SA Sam Azbel (AFF) def. 14 Hawken School MZ Matthew Zhu (Neg) 2-1

27 Cypress Bay Hi JF Jordan Friedman (AFF) def. 6 Enloe High Sch WS William Song (Neg) 2-1

11 Lake Highland NN Nikhil Nandu (AFF) def. 22 Henry W. Grady WT Will Taft (Neg) 3-0


Octafinal round

Southside High RR Rahul Raghavan (Neg) def. Delbarton School RT Ryan Teehan (AFF) 2-1

University Sch RW Reese Wells (Neg) def. University Sch JR Jacob Ronkin (AFF) 2-1

Trinity Valley PK Parth Kalaria (Neg) def. Hawken School AF Aric Floyd (AFF) 2-1

Pinecrest High LP Logan Parke (Neg) def. University Sch VM Victor Mezacapa (AFF) 2-1

Wren Varsity H JH Jamie Hintson (Neg) def. Cary Academy PA Pujith Adusumilli (AFF) 3-0

Cary Academy HH Hannah hubbard (Neg) def. Durham Academy DB Derek Brown (AFF) 3-0

Lake Highland SA Sam Azbel (Neg) def. Laurel School LP Lisa Peng (AFF) 2-1

Lake Highland NN Nikhil Nandu (AFF) def. Cypress Bay Hi JF Jordan Friedman (Neg) 3-0


Quarterfinal round

Southside High RR Rahul Raghavan (Neg) def. University Sch RW Reese Wells (AFF) 2-1

Trinity Valley PK Parth Kalaria (Neg) def. Pinecrest High LP Logan Parke (AFF) 3-0

Wren Varsity H JH Jamie Hintson (Neg) def. Cary Academy HH Hannah Hubbard (AFF) 3-0

Lake Highland NN Nikhil Nandu (Neg) def. Lake Highland SA Sam Azbel (AFF) 1-0


Semifinal round

Trinity Valley PK Parth Kalaria (AFF) def. Southside High RR Rahul Raghavan (Neg) 3-0

Wren Varsity H JH Jamie Hintson (AFF) def. Lake Highland NN Nikhil Nandu (Neg) 1-0


Final round

Trinity Valley PK Parth Kalaria (Neg) def. Wren Varsity H JH Jamie Hintson (AFF) 3-2


  • sjadler

    First off, huge congrats to Parth on breaking through and getting a bid. He’s worked really hard for this, and I’m happy to see the effort pay off.

    It sounds like there were some awful blunders at this tournament–namely, Nikhil being forfeited in semis. I also think the lack of disclosure is pretty troubling. I’m truly sorry to hear of those problems. But with that said, I think Hannah Wang’s post below hits the nail on the head in terms of why these bid tournaments need to exist. They provide inlets to regions that would otherwise be entirely cut off from the national circuit, and they’re often the only opportunities that certain debaters get.

    I thought I’d weigh in on this issue because I’ve been on both sides of it over the years. When I first started debating in Washington, I was so upset about the Federal Way tournament that I wrote an ‘open letter’ venting about it (which is a bit embarrassing in retrospect). It seemed to me that the tournament was diminishing what it meant to be a bid tournament, and that it was insulting that the tournament didn’t adhere to certain rules that I thought should be standard (win/loss disclosure, allowing observers in rounds, etc.)

    With time, I’ve come to realize that even though tournaments like Federal Way weren’t ideal, they still provided access to bids for lots of kids who couldn’t get out of the region. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel, but lots of kids weren’t. And even though I was really angry at Federal Way for the way they ran their tournament, there wasn’t a much better option in the region, and it wasn’t like they were trying to screw kids over–they were well-intentioned, just not versed in the same customs as the national circuit.

    That’s what I think is going on with Laird Lewis. The TOC isn’t (and I don’t think should be) in the business of awarding bids to only the most circuity tournaments with certain circuity traditions, nor to the most competitive tournaments, nor to the ones with the deepest pools. Laird Lewis represents some important diversity, and there’s always the chance that it could improve in years to come as a result of feedback (and maybe more help from the Advisory Committee? I’m not sure how that works).

    But with the exception of the boggling ‘go to awards’ blunder, I think a lot of the problems with Laird are somewhat quaint regional things that seem odd on the national circuit, but it’s not like they’re going to be much different elsewhere in the region. If we think it’s important that kids in that part of the nation have some circuit experience, then I don’t think it’s the right call to strip Laird of its bids. This isn’t some major college tournament that clearly doesn’t care about the LD community; it’s a fledgling national circuit tournament trying to build a presence, and I think it’s important that we respect that process and understand why the tournament has bids so that we don’t get mad at it for being something that, right now, it probably isn’t capable of being.

    Just my two cents.

    • Sam_Azbel

      I pretty much agree with everything you are saying. I hope that this tournament can improve some of the problems that it had so that it can offer more bids to that region!

  • Parth Kalaria

    Hey Ben, thanks for doing this. I just wanted to say, I go to Trinity Valley School, not Union.

    Also, I completely agree with Sam about his criticism of the tournament. Even in bid rounds, many judges refused to disclose decisions. Obviously what happened to Nikhil was inexcusable and definitely needs to be brought to light.

  • Jack Weisman

    The packet for full elim results is available here.

  • Sam_Azbel

    Shoutout to my boy Parth for getting his first bid and
    winning the tournament. Very well deserved!

    Now, I would like to preface this post by saying that I am
    not trying to take away anything from the success that debaters had at this
    tournament, but I do have a few comments to make about the Laird Lewis

    First off, the judging was unbelievably sub-par for a
    Semis-bid tournament. When I looked at the pref sheet, I had only heard of 3
    out of the 40 judges. Most of the judges were extremely traditional and hated
    circuit debate (which made me wonder why the tournament is promoting itself as
    a “circuit debate tournament that offers 4 bids to the TOC”).

    Second, the tournament had prefs based on rating a judge A
    through D (with no guaranteed strikes), and the prefs were community prefs.

    Additionally, there were no prominent LD figures in tab; instead
    having many PF coaches, who while competent,
    were mainly at the middle school in another building.

    By the end of the first day, the tournament was running over
    an hour behind and that only worsened as the tournament went on, with semis/finals
    starting a solid two to three hours behind schedule.

    And, the byes given at the tournament were given at random,
    and not simply given to the lowest seed at the tournament, completely
    realigning the bracket.

    Finally, there were no speaker awards, which was strange
    considering that it’s a semis bid. There was also no oral disclosure in prelims
    OR elims. This tournament had more out of date policies than my local CFL.

    None of the qualms, however, can even compare to a certain
    blunder that the tournament made which was probably the absolute worst experience
    my team has EVER had at a debate tournament. When my teammate, Nikhil got to
    semis, we were instructed by the tab director to go to the award ceremony and
    that semis would happen after awards. While we were at the award ceremony, the
    tournament went with semifinals WITHOUT Nikhil; They forfeited Nikhil even
    though we were instructed to go to awards. When we found out what had happened,
    finals was already going on and there was nothing that we could do.

    Once again, I am not saying that the debaters at this
    tournament don’t deserve recognition for their success, I am simply arguing
    that maybe the tournament should continue to be what it used to be, a great
    traditional tournament for the north Carolina region instead of miserably
    failing at attempting to be a legitimate semis bid tournament.

    • anon645

      They were tired of your circuity shenanigans. It’s always important to preserve the true sacredness of LD debate.

      • Sam_Azbel

        So tired that they decided to just arbitrarily forfeit nikhil lol

    • Hannah Wang

      Hi, Myers Park LDer here- I just wanted to say how EXTREMELY sorry I am for what happened to Nikhil and you at Laird. You guys absolutely didn’t deserve that and I’ll definitely show your post to the Laird tournament directors. I know they’ll do everything to make sure mistakes like that don’t happen again.

      Also, huge congratulations to Jamie Hintson for qualifying to the TOC. Not only is he the first South Carolina debater to qual in probably a decade, but he also did it as a lone-wolf debater with no coach and no school program to speak of. Despite not having the resources to go to camp or travel to bid tournaments outside of NC and SC, he basically learned from the TOC videos on NSD and is one of the most hard-working and talented debaters I know.

      Tournaments like Wake Forest and Myers Park are the only opportunities low-resource debaters from regions less active in the circuit have to bid. Although I agree that regional LD bid tournaments like MP need to do a lot of work to get competitor and judging pools of a comparable quality those of bigger national tournaments, taking away these bid opportunities would be a huge blow to a lot of hardworking, talented debaters who don’t have the resources to bid elsewhere.

      Congrats to everyone for their performance at this tournament!!

      • Sam_Azbel

        Hi Hannah,
        Thank you for your response. We appreciate your commitment to improving the tournament and hope that Myers Park can make some changes next year.

      • anon123

        I remember meeting Jamie at nfl nationals last year. He was dope af. Cool to see him qual.