Rebecca Gelfer Wins First Annual Minneapple Round Robin

Apple Valley, MN –

Congratulations to Clement’s Rebecca Gelfer for defeating Adam Tomasi of Sacred Heart in the final round of the first annual Minneapple Round Robin on a 2-1 decision!


Adam Tomasi defeats David Branse (Bentley, Randall, Spence)

Rebecca Gelfer defeats Anthony Tohme (Devore, Hom, E. Smith)


Rebecca Gelfer defeats Adam Tomasi 2-1 (Boyer, Roberts, Student Vote*)

Granny Smith Pod:

  1. Adam Tomasi (Sacred Heart) — 8-2
  2. Anthony Tohme (Strake Jesuit) — 8-2
  3. Carlos Taylor (Evanston) — 5-5

Red Delicious Pod: 

  1. Rebecca Gelfer (Clements) — 8-2
  2. David Branse (University) — 7-3
  3. Prince Hyeamang (Apple Valley) — 5-5

Speaker Awards

  1. Adam Tomasi
  2. Rebecca Gelfer
  3. Anthony Tohme