Registration opens for Woodward Novice Nationals

Registration for the 2014 1st and 2nd Year National Championships at Woodward Academy is now open on Joy of Tournaments. The tournament runs March 21-23 in Atlanta, GA.

We offer 1st and 2nd year LD and Policy.  Initial entry limits are 6 per school in each division — if you anticipate needing more than that, please email me directly.

Hotel information is on the website.  We do request that you stay at the tournament hotel if you possibly can — it’s a beautiful Marriott property 6 minutes from campus. We will continue to run the shuttle to and from the tournament on Friday and Saturday so that you need not rent a car or bus.

We look forward to hosting you in March!

— Maggie Berthiaume, Bill Batterman, Paula Nettles, Brian Keith Jackson