Summer Reading List for Critical Debate by Monica Amestoy

A great time to improve your literature base is during the summer. The following is a list of books I believe could be really helpful in debate both because of their critical quality and strategic because they are not yet super well known in high school LD. But mostly it’s a list of books I like.

Please add a comment about any books you are reading this summer that you think will be helpful to other debaters.

Borderlands by Gloria Anzaldua: This book teaches me something new every time I read it.  The way Anzaldua writes as well as what she says deconstructs a lot of the misconceptions that I think LD has about epistemology appeals to me. Anzaldua is a pioneer in Chicana feminism and critics most of the white feminism you see in high school debate. She is a great author for any kritikal debater.

The Future of Power by Joseph S. Nye Jr. is a must read for any debater interested in international relations.

A Cyborg Manifesto by Donna HarawayIf you’re interested in humanity, feminism, the machine, the animal, Bostrom or Deleuze this book is for you.  I think this book could be very applicable to  some of the possible topics for next year.

Becoming Animal by David Abram. This is a great book for those interested in phenomenology and environmental/ ecological issues. Never lose a deep eco debate again.

On Being White… And Other Lies by James Baldwin:  This is a great piece to help you understand “whiteness” and other critical arguments about race. Also it’s really short!

Andrea Smith’s article “Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy Rethinking Women of Color Organizing,” is another amazing intersectional read.

Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic’s article “Critical Race Theory” with a Foreword by Angela Harris is a really great start for those interested in critical race theory. Its full of good definitions and it often cited in its field.