Cedar Rapids, IA

Valley High School’s Trent Gilbert defeated Barrington High School’s Sienna Nordquist to win the 2014 Iowa Caucus tournament, hosted by Cedar Rapids Washington High School.

Trent is coached by Christian Tarsney, Lucy Korsakov and Leah Shapiro. Sienna is coached by Brian Denesha and Taylor Amey.

Full results:


WDM Valley GS advances without debating

WDM Valley TG advances without debating

WDM Valley TF advances without debating

Hopkins SG advances without debating

WDM Valley EM advances over WDM Valley SC (Siena Cabbage)

Roosevelt EW defeats WDM Valley CT (Conal Thomas-McGinnis); 2-1; White,; Smith, Nick; *Burdt

Dowling CK defeats Millard North GB (Grant Brown); 3-0; Korsakov; Power; Mayes

Barrington SN defeats New Trier LK (Louie Kollar); 3-0; Sloven; Laverty: Hale


Barrington SN defeats WDM Valley GS (Gina Scorpiniti); 2-1; McCool; Ahsan; *Burdt

WDM Valley TG defeats Dowling CK; 2-1; Smith, Nick; *Minks; Hale

Roosevelt EW defeats WDM Valley TF (TJ Foley); 2-1; *White; Combs; Power

Hopkins SG defeats WDM Valley EM (Evan McKinney); 3-0; Laverty; Rankin; Mayes


Barrington SN defeats Hopkins SG (Sam Greenwald); 3-0; Power, Korsakov;  McGinnis

WDM Valley TG defeats Roosevelt EW (Emma Weddle; 3-0; Laverty, Burdt, Mayes


WDM Valley TG defeats Barrington SN (Sienna Nordquist); 5-0; Mayes; Laverty; Power; Burdt; Smith, Nick


WDM Valley TG (Trent Gilbert)