Millard North’s Grant Brown wins Dowling

West Des Moinea, Iowa –

Grant Brown of Millard North High School defeated Trent Gilbert of Valley High School to win the 2015 Dowling Paradigm in varsity LD.

Grant is coached by Lauren Burdt and Aarron Schurevich. Trent is coached by Christian Tarsney, Leah Shapiro, Isis Davis-Marks and Dave McGinnis.

Full results:


Valley CT defeats Denver East BO (Blue O’Brennan)

North Atlanta AM defeats Valley CR (Carly Rieger)

Valley TG defeats Rosemount WL (William Lai)

Fenwick TS defeats Evanston HS (Henry Smith)

Millard North GB defeats Edina AV (Arvind Veluvali)

duPont Manual XH defeats Fremont CC (Chase Cate)

Millard North PK defeats Valley EM (Evan McKinney)

Valley TF advances over Valley SC (Siena Cabbage)


Millard North PK defeats Valley TF (TJ Foley)

Valley TG defeats Fenwick TS (Ted Steinmeyer)

Valley CT defeats North Atlanta AM (Adejoke Mason)

Millard North GB defeats duPont Manual XH (Xinlan Hu)


Valley TG advances over Valley CT (Conal Thomas-McGinnis)

Millard North GB advances over Millard North PK (Priya Kukreja)


Millard North GB defeats Valley TG (Trent Gilbert)


Millard North GB (Grant Brown)