Clements’ Felix Tan Wins the Strake Jesuit Debate Tournament

Congratulations to Clements’ Felix Tan and Woodlands College Park’s Venkatesh Muppaneni for making it to finals of the Strake Jesuit Debate Tournament. Felix defeated Venkatesh on 2-1 decision (Wright, Sullivan*, Yoakum).  Venkatesh is coached by Kathy Cook and Felix is coached by Renita Johnson.


Here are the full results for outrounds:


Lake Highland Prep RS advances without debating

Plano East AK advances without debating

Lake Highland Prep AA advances without debating

Woodlands College Park VM advances without debating

Clements Indepedent FT advances without debating

Dulles NB advances without debating

University JR advances without debating

University KC advances without debating

Law Magnet DD advances without debating

Episcopal AB (N) def. Westwood JA 2-1 (Vincent, Race, An. Tohme*)

Lake Highland Prep MK (N) def. Montgomery WP 2-1 (Sasso, Liu, Gamble*)

Liberty Christian BS (N) def. Kinkaid EH 3-0 (Wright, Nanavati, Sharma)

Westwood SN (A) def. Dulles AW 3-0 (Cavanaugh, Al. Tohme, Yoakum)

Kinkaid JY (N) def. North Crowley KM 3-0 (Acevedo, Evnen, Lonam)

Cypress Falls KS (A) def. Cy-Fair CM 2-1 (Sullivan, Gelfer, Stuckert*)

Dulles KL (N) def. Monsignor Kelly Catholic CC 3-0 (Cory, Kim, Koshak)



University KC (A) def. Lake Highland Prep RS 3-0 (Acevedo, Hense, Sharma)

Kinkaid JY (N) def. Plano East AK 3-0 (Nanavati, Cory, Wright)

Lake Highland Prep AA (N) def. Cypress Falls KS 2-1 (Durrani, Wei, Yoakum*)

Dulles NB (A) def. Episcopal AB 2-1 (Balybina, Castillo, Lonam*)

Woodlands College Park VM (N) def. Westwood SN 2-1 (Vincent, Al. Tohme, Kalluri*)

University JR (A) def. Liberty Christian BS 3-0 (Sullivan, Gamble, Zaghrini)

Law Magnet DD (A) def. Lake Highland Prep MK 2-1 (An. Tohme, Hodge, Evnen*)

Clements Indepedent FT (A) def. Dulles KL 3-0 (Stuckert, Dannemaier, Kapoor)



Law Magnet DD (A) def. University KC 3-0 (Gamble, Al. Tohme, Hense)

Dulles NB (A) def. Kinkaid JY 2-1 (Stuckert, Yoakum, Evnen*)

Woodlands College Park VM (A) def. Lake Highland Prep AA 3-0 (Race, Sharma, Yerneni)

Clements Indepedent FT (A) def. University JR 3-0 (Hodge, Wright, An. Tohme)



Woodlands College Park VM (A) def. Law Magnet DD 3-0 (Hense, Hodge, Nanavati)

Clements Indepedent FT (N) def. Dulles NB 3-0 (Evnen, Lonam, Wright)



Clements Indepedent FT (A) def. Woodlands College Park VM 2-1 (Yoakum, Wright, Sullivan*)