Bennett Eckert of Greenhill Champs Colleyville

Colleyville, TX

UPDATE: Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert is the champion of the 2015 edition of teh Colleyville Heritage Winter Invitational. Congrats to Greenhill’s students and coaches, who are having an excellent month!

Full results:

Greenhill BE defeats Liberty Christian BS (Breann Smith)

Law Magnet DD defeats Flower Mound AA (Amany Abu-Hijleh)

Grapevine AY defeats Flower Mound JT (Jeremy Tsai)

Plano East SA defeats Cypress Falls KS (Karman Singh)

Flower Mound JS defeats Cypress Woods NS (Natasha Stewart)

Hockaday LU defeats Woodlands AC (Abigail Chapman)

Hockaday AG defeats Plano East AK (Aimun Khan)

Hockaday AH defeats Dulles NB (Nolan Burdett)


Greenhill BE defeats Hockaday AG (Aashima Garg)

Grapevine AY defeats Hockaday LU (Lakshmi Uppalapati)

Flower Mound JS defeats Plano East SA (Shomik Ati)

Law Magnet DD defeats Hockaday AH (Anne-Marie Hwang)


Greenhill BE defeats Law Magnet DD (Dino DeLaO)

Flower Mound JS defeats Grapevine AY (Alexander Yoakum)


Greenhill BE defeats Flower Mound JS (Jalaj Sood)

Greenhill BE (Bennett Eckert)


This weekend is the 18th Annual Colleyville Heritage Winter Invitational. Rounds began on Friday afternoon and continued through Saturday. Colleyville is a finals bid to the TOC in LD debate. The event is currently in octos.

Here’s a link to the Warm Room octos pairings at Joy of Tournaments:

Full results will be posted at the end of the tournament. Good luck to the octofinalists!