Varad Agarwala of Greenhill is the Emory champion

Atlanta, GA


On a 4-1 decision, Varad Agarwala of Greenhill defeated Akhil Jalan of PV Peninsula to become the 2015 Emory champion. Congratulations to both debaters and their coaches!


NSD Update is pleased to find itself in sunny Atlanta, Georgia for the Barkley Forum for High School Students at Emory University. Sadly, it has been raining pretty much constantly in sunny Atlanta, but that hasn’t slowed the debate action.

Emory, a quarterfinals bid to the TOC, is one of the most storied events on the National Circuit. This year the festivities began with the induction of new Key Coaches into the Barkley Forum. This year’s deserving inductees were Shane Stafford of the Blake School, Mike Janas of Samford, and Mario Herrera of Henry W. Grady.

Feel free to post your own updates in the comments. Interesting prelim matchups, elims, and full results will be Updated as the tournament progresses!

  • mcgin029

    Results through finals:

    Double Octofinals (Ulrich Tutorial)

    Peninsula AJ advances without debating

    Peninsula AT advances without debating

    Greenhill VA advances without debating

    Kinkaid TG defeats Strake Jesuit JZ (Joe Zaghrini)

    Bronx Science ID defeats LAMP RR (Ruchir Rastogi)

    Greenhill MM defeats Kinkaid JY (Jason Yang)

    Harvard Westlake CC defeats Lexington PC (Preetham Chippada)

    Bronx Science GM defeats Scarsdale DW (David Wang)

    Newark Science AK defeats St. Andrew’s Episcopal KG (Karnessia Georgetown)

    Hawken NK defeats Apple Valley PH (Prince Hyeamang)

    Lexington DA defeats Glenbrook South JL (Joann Lin)

    University School JR defeats Law Magnet DD (Dino DeLaO)

    Harker PR defeats duPont Manual XH (Xinlan Hu)

    Strake Jesuit RC defeats Glenbrook South JB (Jane Brennan)

    WDM Valley TG defeats Lake Highland KP (Krupali Patel)

    Newark Science CQ defeats Colleyville Heritage RK (Rachana Kolli)

    Octofinals (Radow Tutorial)

    Peninsula AJ defeats Harvard Westlake CC (Cameron Cohen)

    Greenhill MM defeats WDM Valley TG (Trent Gilbert)

    Newark Science AK defeats Bronx Science GM (Griffin Miller)

    Strake Jesuit RC defeats Kinkaid TG (Tyler Gamble)

    Newark Science CQ defeats Hawken NK (Nicole Kastelic)

    Peninsula AT defeats University School JR (Jacob Ronkin)

    Greenhill VA defeats Bronx Science ID (Isis Davis-Marks)

    Lexington DA defeats Harker PR (Pranav Reddy)

    Quarterfinals (Bailey Tutorial)

    Peninsula AT defeats Strake Jesuit RC (Richard Cook)

    Greenhill VA defeats Lexington DA (Dan Alessandro)

    Peninsula AJ defeats Greenhill MM (Mitali Mathur)

    Newark Science CQ advances over Newark Science AK (Amit Kukreja)

    Semifinals (Dukes Tutorial)

    Peninsula AJ defeats Newark Science CQ (Christian Quiroz)

    Greenhill VA defeats Peninsula AT (Arjun Tambe)

    Finals (McCall Tutorial)

    Peninsula AJ v Greenhill VA

  • mcgin029

    3-2 or Better in Round 5


    Varad Agarwala, Greenhill

    Christian Quiroz, Newark Science

    Akhil Jalan, Peninsula


    Griffin Miller, Bronx

    Jane Brennan, Glenbrook South

    Joann Lin, Glenbrook South

    Mitali Mathur, Greenhill

    Ruchir Rastogi, LAMP

    Dino DeLaO, Law Magnet

    Dan Alessandro, Lexington

    Amit Kukreja, Newark Science

    Arjun Tambe, Peninsula

    Joe Zaghrini, Strake Jesuit

    Pranav Reddy, Harker

    Jason Yang, Kinkaid

    Tyler Gamble, Kinkaid

    Trent Gilbert, WDM Valley


    Justin Yang, American Heritage Plantation

    Prince Hyeamang, Apple Valley

    Isis Davis-Marks, Bronx Science

    Blake Dawson, Brown

    Serena Stoddard, Brown

    Alizah Charaniya, Colleyville Heritage

    Rachana Kolli, Colleyville Heritage

    Alex Yoakum, Grapevine

    Cameron Cohen, Harvard Westlake

    Nicole Kastelic, Hawken

    Will Taft, Grady

    Krupali Patel, Lake Highland

    Preetham Chippada, Lexington

    Daniel Aguirre, Monticello

    Anna Pogarcik, Myers Park

    Louie Kollar, New Trier

    Nicky Kacena, New Trier

    David Wang, Scarsdale

    Lauren Singer, Scarsdale

    Karnessia Georgetown, St. Andrew’s Episcopal

    Jonathan Beavers, St. Thomas

    Zarek Drozda, Harker

    Jacob Ronkin, University School

    Henry Wu, Upper Arlington

    Xinlan Hu, duPont Manual