Varad Agarwala of Greenhill is the Emory champion

Atlanta, GA


On a 4-1 decision, Varad Agarwala of Greenhill defeated Akhil Jalan of PV Peninsula to become the 2015 Emory champion. Congratulations to both debaters and their coaches!


NSD Update is pleased to find itself in sunny Atlanta, Georgia for the Barkley Forum for High School Students at Emory University. Sadly, it has been raining pretty much constantly in sunny Atlanta, but that hasn’t slowed the debate action.

Emory, a quarterfinals bid to the TOC, is one of the most storied events on the National Circuit. This year the festivities began with the induction of new Key Coaches into the Barkley Forum. This year’s deserving inductees were Shane Stafford of the Blake School, Mike Janas of Samford, and Mario Herrera of Henry W. Grady.

Feel free to post your own updates in the comments. Interesting prelim matchups, elims, and full results will be Updated as the tournament progresses!