Updated Staff List + Registration Updates!

With just under a month left to register, our spots are filling up quickly and we are gearing up for a great summer. All registration must be completed in by May 1st and so we encourage any student who has yet to apply to do so as soon as possible to ensure their space in the camp! We will soon be sending out staff and student travel information.

We are also happy to announce new additions to our staff! (Newly announced staff are bolded) As a note, We endeavor to hold ourselves to a high standard of accuracy for the faculty that we have announced below: everyone we list has given us meaningful confirmation that they are working at NSD.

Confirmed Senior Staff

Aracelis Biel

Chris Castillo

Nathan Cha

Salim Damerdji

Tom Evnen

Mark Gorthey

Michael Harris (TX)

Ellen Hense

Ben Koh

Chris Kymn

Jessica Levy

Danny Li

Terrence Lonam

Jeff Liu

Daiya Massac

Daisy Massey

Emily Massey

Daniel Moerner

Dave McGinnis

Leah Shapiro

JP Stuckert

Christian Tarsney

Ben Ulene

Confirmed First Year Staff

Dan Alessandro

Varun Bhave

Michael Bogaty

David Branse

Sophia Caldera

Sarah Cogan

Isis Davis-Marks

Rahul Gosain

Amos Jeng

Tom Kadie

Carolyn Lau

Ben Laufer

Rikhav Shah

Gina Scorpiniti

Alberto Tohme

Anthony Tohme

Alex Yoakum

Joe Zaghrini

Terrence Lonam