Valley’s Gilbert and Scarsdale’s Zipursky final at Blake

Minneapolis, MN –

Valley’s Trent Gilbert and Scarsdale’s Gillian Zipursky have made it to the final round of the 2015 Edie Holiday Debate Tournament hosted by The Blake School. Due to travel constraints, the final round was not held, so Gilbert and Zipursky emerge as co-champions.

Trent is coached by Isis Davis-Marks, Leah Shapiro, Christian Tarsney and Dave McGinnis. Gillian is coached by Rahul Gosain, Joe Vaughan and Mark Gorthey.

Full results:


Evanston DF advances over Evanston GH (Gabe Hull)

Apple Valley JB advances over Apple Valley CH (Claire Hoffa)

American Heritage DM defeats Apple Valley KA (Kenan Anderson)

Valley DR defeats Collegiate DM (David Moon)

Scarsdale ZE defeats Oxbridge BK (Brandon Kramer)


Valley TF advances over Valley DR (Danielle Reyes)

Bronx ZP defeats Upper Arlington HW (Henry Wu)

New Trier LK defeats Valley SC (Siena Cabbage)

Byram Hills JB defeats Lexington LW (Linnea Warburton)

Byram Hills AW defeats Apple Valley SO (Sophie Ober)

Oakwood North JW defeats Scarsdale ZE (Zoe Ewing)

Cambridge Rindge OS defeats Apple Valley JB (John Boals)

Peninsula IG defeats Rosemount WL (William Lai)

Valley EM defeats Bronx Science DR (Diganta Rashed)

Scarsdale GZ defeats Byram Hills PE (Paul Erlanger)

Hawken NK defeats Byram Hills SC (Sarah Crucilla)

Lake Highland MC defeats New Trier NK (Nicky Kacena)

Peninsula JL defeats American Heritage DM (David Min)

Valley TG defeats Evanston DF (Danny Frank-Siegel)

Lexington AS defeats Valley BG (Brian Gu)

Cambridge Rindge PO defeats Newark Science BA (Briana Aaron)


Byram Hills AW defeats Hawken NK (Nicole Kastelic)

Scarsdale GZ defeats Valley TF (TJ Foley)

Valley TG defeats Peninsula IG (Ishan Gaur)

Peninsula JL defeats New Trier LK (Louie Kollar)

Oakwood North JW defeats Lake Highland MC (Michael Corder)

Cambridge Rindge OS defeats Bronx Science ZP (Zoe Posner)

Lexington AS defeats Cambridge Rindge PO (Paloma O’Connor)

Valley EM defeats Byram Hills JB (Jack Briody)


Oakwood North defeats Valley EM (Evan McKinney)

Byram Hills AW defeats Cambridge Rindge OS (Oliver Sussman)

Scarsdale GZ defeats Lexington AS (Achal Srinivasan)

Valley TG defeats Peninsula JL (Jonas Le Barillec)


Valley TG defeats Byram Hills AW (Alex Wurm)

Scarsdale GZ defeats Oakwood North JW (Jack Wareham)


WDM Valley TG (Trent Gilbert)


Scarsdale GZ (Gillian Zipursky)