Valley’s Thomas-McGinnis defeats Millard North’s Kukreja at Badgerland


Madison, WI – West Des Moines Valley High School’s Conal Thomas-McGinnis is the champion of the 2015 Badgerland Debate Tournament hosted by Middleton High School and James Madison Memorial High School. Conal defeated Millard North’s Priya Kukreja on a 2-1 decision to win the championship.

Conal is coached by Christian Tarsney, Isis Davis-Marks, Leah Shapiro, and Dave McGinnis. Priya is coached by Aarron Schurevich, Lauren Burdt and Terrence Lonam.

The Badgerland tournament is a finals bid to the TOC.

Full results:


Valley EM advances without debating

Harvard Westlake JD advances over Harvard Westlake IP (Indu Pandey)

Millard North PK advances without debating

Whitefish Bay SR advances without debating

Valley CT advances over Valley CR (Carly Rieger)

Whitefish Bay WT advances without debating

Harvard Westlake MG defeats Valley BG (Brian Gu)

Valley TG defeats Whitefish Bay AP (Alex Plum)


Valley EM advances over Valley TG (Trent Gilbert)

Valley CT defeats Whitefish Bay SR (Suhas Raja)

Whitefish Bay WT defeats Harvard Westlake MG (Matthew Gross)

Millard North PK defeats Harvard Westlake JD (Jake Davidson)


Valley CT defeats Whitefish Bay WT (Wendy Trattner)

Millard North PK defeats Valley EM (Evan McKinney)


Valley CT defeats Millard North PK (Priya Kukreja)


Valley CT (Conal Thomas-McGinnis)