Ashwin Bhat Wins the 2016 Central Valley Bear Brawl

Congratulations to Sunset’s Ashwin Bhat and Gig Harbor’s Colin McKay for making it to the final round of the Central Valley Bear Brawl. Due to travel conflicts, Colin conceded to Ashwin and Ashwin was declared the champion. Congratulations to both!



(1) Sunset AB

(2) Gig Harbor CM

(3) Eagle LB

(4) Mountain View GH

(5) Mountain View DL

(6) Eagle WP

(7) Lewand BR

(8) Lewand GR

(9) Gonzaga Prep BC

(23) IL RM def. (10) Centennial HH (Harrison Hall) (Hartman, East, Rogers)

(11) Kamiak NB def. (22) Centennial ER (Egzona Rexhepi) (Haas, Platts, Warner)

(12) RA JS def. (21) Gonzaga Prep MA (Marshall Amaya) (Platts, Warner, *Haas)

(13) Rocky Mountain JM def. (20) Centennial MS (Maggi Szeles) (Allen, Mitchell, Orlando)

(14) Capital DL def. (19) Gonzaga Prep BC (Bethany Cummings) (Allen, Mitchell, Orlando)

(15) Centennial SB def. (18) Sprague SM (Santiago Monelon) (Carter, Richards, *Castro)

(16) Gig Harbor KG def. (17) Capital CL (Carson Lloyd) (Carter, Richards, *Castro)



(1) Sunset AB def. (16) Gig Harbor KG (Kayla Garcia) (Orlando, Richards, Rogers)

(2) Gig Harbor CM def. (15) Centennial SB (Sarrah Belhadj) (Orlando, Richards, Rogers)

(14) Capital DL def. (3) Eagle LB (Lydia Brown) (Ormsby, Welker, *Witmer)

(4) Mountain View GH def. (13) Rocky Mountain JM (Joey McKinney) (Ormsby, Welker, Witmer)

(12) RA JS def. (5) Mountain View DL (David Luke) (Allen, East, Hennessey)

(11) Kammiak NB def. (6) Eagle WP (Wyatt Platts) (Carter, Castro, Mitchell)

(7) Lewand BR def. (23) IL RM (Richie Ma) (*Carter, Castro, Mitchell)

(9) Gonzaga Prep TJ def. (8) Lewand GR (Gabriel Roller) (Allen, East, Heath)



(1) Sunset AB def. (9) Gonzaga Prep TJ (Thomas Jones) (Welker, Castro, Hartman)

(2) Gig Harbor CM def. (7) Lewand BR (Ben Read) (Carter, Haas, *Luke)

(11) Kammiak NB def. (14) Capital DL (Allen, Orlando, *Schilling)

(4) Mountain View GH def. (12) RA JS (Julia Shettler) (Ormsby, Rogers, *Mitchell)


Semifinals (panel decisions not published)

(1) Sunset AB def. (4) Mountain View GH

(2) Gig Harbor CM def. (11) Kammiak NB



(1) Sunset AB over (2) Gig Harbor CM


Benjamin Koh