Coaching for the 2016-2017 Season!

With the 2015-2016 debate season coming to a close there are many prospective coaches looking for students. If you wish to coach next year comment below with your name so students can be in touch and vice-versa.

  • Louie Kollar

    Willing to coach. Contact at

  • Sai

    Is anyone able to judge for the Loyola Invitational?

  • Elizabeth

    Is there some available to coach in the northeast, preferably somewhere near NJ?

  • Kieran Cavanagh

    I’d be willing to coach next year, I have a post on my Facebook page (Kieran Cavanagh) that gives more information, or you can email me at kieran (dot) squared (at)

  • Jae Ahn

    Looking to coach one student for the school year.

    Email me at Payment is negotiable.

  • Kyle Fennessy

    Available to coach next year.

  • Joseph Millman

    Available to coach during the school year. I’m reachable through Facebook and also through email at

  • Jordan Stevenson

    Cool to coach next year / over the summer, in LD, Congress, or PF. Email is

  • James Naumovski

    I’m interested in coaching over the summer/into the school year.

  • Christian Garcia

    I’m available to coach next year for the 2016-17 season and the summer.

  • Cameron McConway

    Interested in coaching!

  • Shivane Sabharwal

    Can coach during the next season and probably a bit over the summer!,

  • Alex Yoakum

    DTC (Down to Coach) hmu through Facebook, or email me at

  • Jalaj Sood

    I’m looking to coach some kids this summer and next year. email me at for details!

  • Jason Smith

    Looking to coach students over the summer and/or next year. Email

  • Danny Li

    I am looking to coach a few students over the summer. Email me at: to discuss details.

  • salim damerdji

    im looking to coach someone over the summer. preferably someone primarily interested in working on phil debate

    my email is salim.damerdji at gmail

    • Michael

      I tried contacting this email and it didn’t work

  • Wesley Hu

    Can coach!

  • Paul Erlanger

    Can Coach!

  • Tom Kadie

    Desires to coach next season.

  • Dino De La O

    Would like to coach.

    • D Henderson

      Looking for someone with ld experience in the Austin area for 2016-2017

      • mischa o’connell

        D Henderson, let’s get in touch. I’m in Austin and looking to coach in the coming year

        • mischa o’connell

          mjocon at gmail