Congratulations to La Canada’s Alex Zhao and Valley’s TJ Foley for making it to the final round of the 2016 John Edie Blake Holiday Classic. On a 2-1 decision, Alex was declared the champion. TJ was also the top speaker. Congratulations to both!


(30) Valley BG def. (35) Appleton East SM (Samuel Mast) (Brundage, Shmikler, Weine)

(31) Randolph AP def. (34) Oakwood LB (Logan Bauman) (*Jalan, Pai, Nick Smith)

(33) Valley KK def. (32) New Trier BS (Ben Schwabe) (*Ahlstrom, Legried, Zhou)



(1) Stuyvesant KF def. (33) Valley KK (Kyle Kopf) (Evans, *Elijah Smith, Vincent)

(2) Millard North GB def. (31) Randolph AP (Amy Pu)

(3) Valley TF over (30) Valley BG (Brian Gu)

(4) Scarsdale ZE def. (29) Valley LG (Lauren Gilbert) (Legried, Page, You)

(5) Newark Science BA def. (28) University AG (Andrew Gilmore) (Nubel, Shields, Thew)

(6) Valley CT over (27) Valley LB (Lucas Bryant)

(7) Dulles AW def. (26) Lexington RW (Reed Weiler) (Martinez, Montague, Weine)

(25) Collegiate DM def. (8) Valley EM (Evan McKinney) (Anderson, *Broomfield, Pai)

(9) La Canada AZ def. (24) Apple Valley JB (John Boals) (Baez, *Eastlund, Lai)

(10) Peninsula JL def. (23) Holy Cross RS (Roshan Sadhwani) (Jordan, Luevano, Sabin)

(11) Stuyvesant PY over (22) Stuyvesant AS (Aleksander Shipetich)

(12) Valley SC def. (21) Lexington VV (Vasanth Venkatasami) (Jordan, Larson, *Nick Smith)

(20) Evanston DF def. (13) Valley MS (Manasi Singh) (*Evans, Elijah Smith, Vincent)

(14) Whitman CC def. (19) Oakwood AW (Arlo Weiner) (*Shapiro, Jason Smith, You)

(15) Valley TG def. (18) Peninsula IG (Ishan Gaur) (Brundage, Carlson, Shields)

(16) Scarsdale ML over (17) Scarsdale LS (Lauren Singer)



(16) Scarsdale ML def. (1) Stuyvesant KF (Katherine Fennell) (*Jalan, Kaczmarek, Jason Smith)

(2) Millard North GB def. (15) Valley TG (Trent Gilbert) (Pai, *Weine, You)

(3) Valley TF def. (14) Whitman CC (Camille Caldera) (Eastlund, Pai, You)

(4) Scarsdale ZE def. (20) Evanston DF (Danny Frank-Siegel) (*Kaczmarek, Jason Smith, Zhou)

(5) Newark Science BA def. (12) Valley SC (Sienna Cabbage) (Evans, Green, Williams)

(6) Valley CT def. (11) Stuyvesant PY (Pacy Yan) (Brundage, Carlson, Weine)

(7) Dulles AW def. (10) Peninsula JL (Jonas Le Barillec) (Abdul-Aziz, Jordan, Ruffin)

(9) La Canada AZ def. (25) Collegiate DM (David Moon) (Carlson, *Jordan, Page)



(9) La Canada AZ def. (16) Scarsdale ML (Michael Landau) (Carlson, Kaczmarek, *Tarsney)

(7) Dulles AW def. (2) Millard North GB (Grant Brown) (Evans, Ruffin, *Theis)

(3) Valley TF over (6) Valley CT (Conal Thomas-McGinnis)

(4) Scarsdale ZE def. (5) Newark Science BA (Brianna Aaron) (Jalan, McGinnis, *Zhou)



(9) La Canada AZ def. (4) Scarsdale ZE (Zoe Ewing) (Alessanro, Tarsney, *Carlson)

(3) Valley TF def. (7) Dulles AW (Ashish Wadhwani) (Kaczmarek, Mattson, *Shields)



(9) La Canada AZ def. (3) Valley TF (TJ Foley) (Shields, Liriano, *Mattson)


Speaker Awards

(1) TJ Foley- Valley

(2) Zoe Ewing- Scarsdale

(3) Katherine Fennell- Stuyvesant

(4) Brianna Aaron- Newark Science

(5) Conal Thomas-McGinnis (Valley)

(6) Ashish Wadhwani- Dulles

(7) Lauren Singer- Scarsdale

(8) Evan McKinney- Valley

(9) Alex Zhao- La Canada

(10) Grant Brown- Millard North

(11) Jonas Le Barillec- Peninsula

(12) Ishan Gaur- Peninsula

(13) Arlo Weiner- Oakwood

(14) Pacy Yan- Stuyvesant

(15) Manasi Singh- Valley