Congratulations to Lake Highland’s Muhammad Khattak and North Crowley’s Logan Reed for making it to finals of the Strake Jesuit LD Tournament. On a 2-1 decision, Muhammad was declared the victor. Congratulations to both!


(16) Christopher Columbus JN def. (17) Clements AC (Alexandre Chaumette) (Evnen, Sasso, *Sharma)



(1) Lake Highland MK def. (16) Christopher Columbus JN (Javier Navarrete) (Burd, Nanavati, Breann Smith)

(2) Westwood SN def. (15) Woodlands DY (Derek Yu) (McCormick, Sullivan, Traber)

(14) Cedar Park MT def. (3) Lake Highland RS (Rithvik Seela) (Delgado, Koshak, *Al Tohme)

(4) Cedar Park MG def. (13) Lake Highland JW (Julia Wu) (Ho, McConway, Paramo)

(5) Cy-Fair TW def. (12) Newtown AH (Aysha Hafiz) (Dang, Evnen, *Wright)

(6) North Crowley LR def. (11) Clements NK (Brown, De La O, An Tohme)

(10) Lake Highland SS def. (7) Earl Warren NO (Nelson Okunlola) (*Hannan, Wei, Yoakum)

(9) Law Magnet MG def. (8) Dulles MK (Michael Kurian) (Fennessy, *Khan, Sasso)



(1) Lake Highland MK def. (9) Law Magnet MG (Michael Gao) (Castillo, Khan, Yoakum)

(2) Westwood SN def. (10) Lake Highland SS (Suchin Shah) (Burd, Sullivan, Tohme)

(6) North Crowley LR def. (14) Cedar Park MT (Macalah Thomas) (Evnen, McCormick, Traber)

(5) Cypress Fair TW def. (4) Cedar Park MG (Morgan Grosch) (*Carriere, Sharma, Sigalow)



(1) Lake Highland MK def. (5) Cypress Fair TW (Tess Welch) (Delgado, Nanavati, Zaghrini)

(6) North Crowley LR def. (2) Westwood SN (Saavan Nanavati) (Dang, Sullivan, *Wright)



(1) Lake Highland MK def. (6) North Crowley LR (Logan Reed) (Graham, Sullivan, *Zaghrini)