Lake Highland’s Neal Kapoor wins the Sunvite Round Robin

Congratulations to Lake Highland’s Neal Kapoor and Cypress Bay’s Jake Steirn for making it to finals of the Sunvitational Round Robin. Neal defeated Jake on a 5-0  decision (Evnen, Castillo, Li, Jeng, Student Vote [Ronkin*]).

Neal is coached by  George Clemens, Terrence Lonam, Martin Sigalow, Becca Traber, Joseph Millman, Fred Ditzian, Michael Bogaty, and Sam Azbel. Jake is coached by Megan West, Grant Reiter, Bob Overing, Robbie Steirn, Mike Fried, Martin Sigalow, Tim West, Ben Miller, Jesus Caro, Aly Fiebrantz, Nick Montecalvo and Coach Doug.