Armonk, NY- Congratulations to Harrison’s Raffi Piliero and Success Academy’s Sekou Cisse for making it to the final round of the 2016 Byram Hills Invitational. On a 3-0 decision (Chace, Alston, Staunton), Raffi was declared the champion. Congratulations to both! Raffi is coached by Chetan Hertzig, Christian Quiroz, and Bennett Eckert. Sekou is coached by Joshua Wurzman, Carolyn Lau, Amit Kukreja and Chris Vincent.



(1) Harrison RP

(2) Success Academy SC

(3) Newark Science BA

(4) Scarsdale NI

(5) Bronx Science GM def. (12) Scarsdale SB (Sanjana Bhatnagar) (Cancro, Kuzmenko, Wayne)

(11) Scarsdale AW def. (6) Millburn AJ (Arnold Jia) (Alessandro, Staunton, *Hertzig)

(10) Harrison CS def. (7) Lexington PZ (Patricia Zhang) (Coyne, Lau, *Alston)

(8) Bronx Science JJ def. (9) Newark Science OA (Oluwatosin Agboola) (Chace, Hu, Rosero)



(1) Harrison RP def. (8) Bronx Science JJ (Jenna Jung) (Montague, *Wayne, Hu)

(2) Success Academy SC def. (10) Harrison CS (Carl Spana) (Coyne, Chace, Alston)

(3) Newark Science BA def. (11) Scarsdale AW (Ananta Wadhwa) (Staunton, Lau, Kuzmenko)

(5) Bronx Science GM def. (4) Scarsdale NI (Natalie Isak) (Rosero, Cancro, Alessandro)



(1) Harrison RP def. (5) Bronx Science GM (Gabriel Manak) (Alston, Coyne, Hu)

(2) Success Academy SC def. (3) Newark Science BA (Brianna Aaron) (Chace, Hertzig, Rosero)



(1) Harrison RP def. (2) Success Academy SC (Sekou Cisse) (Chace, Alston, Staunton)


Speaker Awards

  1. Raffi Piliero- Harrison
  2. Sekou Cisse- Success Academy
  3. Brianna Aaron- Newark Science
  4. Jenna Jung- Bronx Science
  5. Natalie Isak- Scarsdale
  6. Gabriel Manak- Bronx Science
  7. Oluwatosin Agboola- Newark Science
  8. Carl Spana- Harrison
  9. Eli Lapkin- Harrison
  10. Arnold Jia- Millburn