Live TOC Updates!

Congratulations to the following debaters for receiving speaker awards:

  1. Oakwood JW
  2. Lake Highland NK
  3. Millburn WH
  4. Hunter NP
  5. Greenhill VA
  6. Loyola AP
  7. Clements FT
  8. Strake Jesuit SM
  9. Mission San Jose SS
  10. Greehill BE
  11. Harvard Westlake NS
  12. Harvard Westlake CC
  13. Harrison KK
  14. Law Magnet DD
  15. Newark AK
  16. Heritage DM
  17. Millard North GB
  18. Woodlands College Park VM
  19. University JR
  20. Lake Highland SP

Congratulations to the following debaters for breaking at the 2016 Tournament of Champions:

Greenhill VA

Clements FT

Greenhill BE

Harvard-Westlake CC

Harvard-Westlake NS

Lake Highland Prep NK

Oakwood School – North Hollywood JW

American Heritage Plantation DM

Byram Hills PE

Cambridge Rindge and Latin OS

Crossroads NS

Harrison RP

Lake Highland Prep MC

Lake Highland Prep SP

Lexington AS

Millard North GB

Mission San Jose LS

Mission San Jose SS

Newark Science AK

NSU University JR

Strake Jesuit CP SM

West Des Moines Valley DR


Check out our live spreadsheet keeping track of results at this year’s Tournament of Champions :

(Link): TOC 2016 Live Updates
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