Congratulations to Millard North’s Priya Kukreja and Tori Qiu on closing out the Badgerland Debate Tournament! Priya and Tori are coached by Aaron Schurevich and Lauren Burdt. WDM Valley’s Trent Gilbert was the top speaker. Trent is coached by Dave McGinnis, Christian Tarsney, and Isis Davis-Marks. Congrats to all!


(1) Valley SC

(2) Valley CR

(3) Valley TG def. (14) Whitefish Bay RD (Herrera, Vrana, Wu)

(4) Millard North PK def. (13) Chesterton KB (Katrina Balon) (Larson, McGinnis, Stumbris)

(5) Valley CT over (12) Valley AC (Anna Correa)

(11) Millard North TQ def. (6) Valley KK (Kyle Kopf) (Ahlstrom, Moorhead, Smith)

(7) Whitefish Bay AP def. (10) Appleton East HS SM (Samuel Mast) (Haselow, Singh, Smith)

(9) Evanston Township DF def. (8) Brookfield East NA (Namitha Alexander) (*Lepien, Sanders, Shehab)



(9) Evanston Township DF def. (1) Valley SC (Sienna Cabbage) (Strumbis, Jugovic, *Carlson)

(7) Whitefish Bay AP def. (2) Valley CR (Carly Rieger) (Wu, Lindsay, Larson)

(11) Millard North TQ def. (3) Valley TG (Trent Gilbert) (*Haselow, Sanders, Sexton)

(4) Millard North PK def. (5) Valley CT (Conal Thomas-McGinnis)



(4) Millard North PK def. (9) Evanston Township DF (Danny Friedman-Siegel) (Berger, Hermberg, Willems-Solc)

(11) Millard North TQ def. (7) Whitefish Bay AP (Alex Plum) (*Anania, McGinnis, Scheffler)



(4) Millard North PK and Millard North TQ close out


Speaker Awards

(1) Trent Gilbert- Valley

(2) Sienna Cabbage- Valley

(3) Priya Kukreja- Millard North

(4) Conal Thomas-McGinnis – Millard North

(5) Namitha Alexander- Brookfield East

(6) Kyle Kopf- Valley

(7) Sophia Kuriscak- STA

(8) Rafael Li- Brookfield East

(9) Alex Plum- Whitefish Bay

(10) Danny Frank-Siegel- Evanston Township