Des Moines, IA- Congratulations to Hunter College’s Nina Potischman and Oakwood’s Jack Wareham for making it to the final round of the 2016 Mid-America Cup. Jack and Nina were declared Co-Champions. This is the second time that Nina has won Valley. Nina is coached by Danny Li, Varun Bhave, and Marshall Thompson. Jack is coached by Sergio Martinez. Millard North’s Grant Brown was Top Speaker. Grant is coached by Lauren Burdt and Aaron Schurevich.



(1) Harrison RP def. (32) Palo Alto FZ (Frances Zhuang) (Evnen, Lonam, Rankin)

(2) Bronx Science ZP def.  (31) Oakwood AW (Arlo Weiner) (Shmikler, Weddle, *Stancliffe)

(3) Millard North GB def. (30) Lake Highland JW (Julia Wu) (Cunningham, Taylor, White)

(4) Oakwood JW def. (29) Strake Jesuit AS (Aaron Singh) (Carlson, Chapman, Sigalow)

(5) Scarsdale ZE def. (28) Evanston GH (Gabriel Hull) (Ahlstrom, Evnen, Tisher)

(6) Hunter NP def.(27) Reed Independent LR (Logan Reed) (Chippada, Reyes, Sigalow)

(26) Harker EM def. (7) St. Andrew’s IB (Ishan Bhatt) (Brundage, Eckert, Shatzkin)

(8) Mountain View DZ def. (25) Strake Jesuit MC (Matthew Chen) (Chippada, Shudak, Theis)

(9) Lake Highland AA def. (24) Millburn CS (Chris Sun) (Ave, Smith, *Scoggin)

(10) American Heritage DM def. (23) Lake Highland RS (Rithvik Seela) (Ave, Scoggin, Shmikler)

(11) Scarsdale LS def. (22) Lake Highland SG (Steve Goldware) (Damerdji, Taylor, Theis)

(12) Scarsdale GZ def. (21) Apple Valley JB (John Boals) (Castillo, Eckert, *Woiwood)

(13) Walt Whitman XR def. (20) Oakwood AM (Ari Mostow) (Lonam, McConway, Rankin)

(14) Lake Highland MK def. (19) Millard North TQ (Tori Qiu) (Castillo, Chapman, McConway)

(18) Harker SP def. (15) Mountain View VP (Varun Paranjpe) (Cunningham, Shudak, Tisher)

(16) Lexington RW def. (17) Lake Highland MC (Melissa Chau) (*Damerdji, Mayes, Smith)



(1) Harrison RP def. (16) Lexington RW (Reed Weiller) (Shatzkin, Sigalow, Theis)

(18) Harker SP def. (2) Bronx Science ZP (Zoe Posner) (Eckert, Hilzendeger, *Weddle)

(3) Millard North GB def. (14) Lake Highland MK (Muhammad Khattak) (Ave, Chippada, *Damerdji)

(4) Oakwood JW def. (13) Walt Whitman XR (Xavier Roberts-Gaal) (Evnen, Lonam, McConway)

(5) Scarsdale ZE over (12) Scarsdale GZ (Gillian Zipursky)

(6) Hunter NP def. (11) Scarsdale LS (Lauren Singer) (Castillo, Eckert, Sigalow)

(10) American Heritage DM def. (26) Harker EM (Emmiee Malyugina) (Tisher, Evnen, Smith)

(9) Lake Highland AA def. (8) Mountain View DZ (Derek Zhang) (Ave, Castillo, Chippada)



(1) Harrison RP def. (9) Lake Highland AA (Ari Azbel) (McConway, McGinnis, *Shatzkin)

(10) American Heritage DM def. (18) Harker SP (Srivatsav Pyda) (Evnen, Kaczmarek, Sigalow)

(6) Hunter NP def. (3) Millard North GB (Grant Brown) (Ave, Chippada, Damerdji)

(4) Oakwood JW def. (5) Scarsdale ZE (Zoe Ewing) (Eckert, Lonam, Smith)



(4) Oakwood JW def. (1) Harrison RP (Raffi Piliero) (*Evnen, Lonam, McConway)

(6) Hunter NP def. (10) American Heritage DM (David Min) (Damerdji, Sigalow, Taylor)



Hunter NP (Nina Potischman) and Oakwood JW (Jack Wareham)


Speaker Awards

(1) Grant Brown- Millard North

(2) Jack Wareham- Oakwood

(3) Zoe Ewing- Scarsdale

(4) Nina Potischman- Hunter College

(5) Raffi Piliero- Harrison

(6) Muhammad Khattak- Lake Highland

(7) Ishan Bhatt- St. Andrew’s

(8) Varun Paranjpe- Mountain View

(9) Derek Zhang- Mountain View

(10) Reed Weiler- Lexington

(11) Ari Azbel- Lake Highland

(12) Zoe Posner- Bronx Science

(13) David Min- American Heritage

(14) Douglas Wickham- Loyola

(15) Melissa Chau- Lake Highland

(16) Srivatsav Pyda- Harker

(17) Lauren Singer- Scarsdale

(18) Gillian Zipursky- Scarsdale

(19) Tori Qiu- Millard North

(20) Ari Mostow- Oakwood

(21) John Boals- Apple Valley

(22) Steve Goldware- Lake Highland

(23) James Meng- Valley

(24) Rithvik Seela- Lake Highland

(25) Xavier Roberts-Gaal- Walt Whitman)