Oliver Sussman Wins the 2016 Minneapple

Congratulations to Cambridge Rindge and Latin’s Oliver Sussman and Greenhill’s Shruthi Krishnan for making it to the finals of the 2016 Minneapple. On a 3-0 decision (Taylor, You, Lawrence Zhou), Oliver was declared the champion. Congrats to both! Oliver is coached by Bob Overing. Shruthi is coached by Aaron Timmons and Rebecca Kuang. Harrison’s Raffi Piliero was the top speaker! Raffi is coached by Chetan Hertzig and Bennett Eckert.



(1) Greenhill SK

(2) Cambridge OS

(3) Harrison RP

(4) Mission San Jose LS

(5) Valley TG

(6) Collegiate KY

(7) Valley TF

(8) Syosset AM

(9) Dougherty Valley CS

(10) Scarsdale GZ

(11) Lake Highland AA

(12) Collegiate DM

(13) Valley CT

(14) Valley EM

(15) Walt Whitman XR

(16) Phoenix Country Day PW

(17) Millard North GB

(18) Scarsdale ZG

(19) Byram Hills JB

(20) Valley KK

(21) Scarsdale NI

(22) Barrington TC

(23) HW JD

(24) Valley SC

(25) Lake Highland MC

(26) HW WP

(27) Harker SP

(28) Oakwood AW def. (37) Walt Whitman DH (Daniel Harris) (Koh, Nubel, *Eckert)

(36)Lake Highland MK def. (29) Lexington VV (Vasanth Venkatasami) (Castillo, Davis-Marks, *Chapman)

(30) Strake Jesuit MC def.(35) Stuyvesant PY (Pacy Yan) (Evnen, Lonam, *Quiroz)

(34) Strake Jesuit JH def. (31) Harrison LC (Lauren Cole) (Fife, Smith, *Taylor)

(32) Harrison CS def. (33) Lake Highland RS (Rithvik Seela) (Holguin, Wang, Lawrence Zhou)



(1) Greenhill SK def. (32) Harrison CS (Carl Spana) (Bentley, Brundage, Thomas- Mcginnis)

(2) Cambridge OS def. (34) Strake Jesuit JH (Joshua Herrera) (Hock, Powell, You)

(3) Harrison RP def. (30) Strake Jesuit MC (Matthew Chen) (Koh, Lumpee, Holguin)

(4) Mission San Jose LS def. (36) Lake Highland MK (Muhmmad Khattak) (Chapman, Eastlund, *Taylor)

(5) Valley TG def. (28) Oakwood AW (Arlo Weiner) (Lonam, Smith, *Ahlstrom)

(6) Collegiate KY def. (27) Harker SP (Srivatsav Pyda) (Davis-Marks, *Kaczmarak, Kuang)

(7) Valley TF def. (26) HW WP (William park) (Burdt, Hertzig, Niemann)

(8) Syosset AM def. (25) Lake Highland MC (Melissa Chau) (Eckert, Fee, Fife)

(9) Dougherty Valley CS def. (24) Valley SC (Sienna Cabbage) (McNeil, Panchanadam, *Theis)

(23) HW JD def. (10) Scarsdale GZ (Gillian Zipursky) (Nave, Doneen, *Castillo)

(11) Lake Highland AA def. (22) Barrington TC (Thrishna Chathurvedula) (Gorski, Nubel, *Quiroz)

(12) Collegiate DM def. (21) Scarsdale NI (Natalie Isak) (Kumar, Mattson, Sigalow)

(13) Valley CT over (20) Valley KK (Kyle Kopf)

(14) Valley EM def. (19) Byram Hills JB (Jack Briody) (Murphy, Legried, *Evnen)

(18) Scarsdale ZG def. (15) Walt Whitman XR (Xavier Roberts-Gaal) (Shore, Lawrence Zhou, *Manuel SMith)

(17) Millard North GB def. (16) Phoenix Country Day PW (Parker Whitfill) (Kollar, Riano, *Wang)



(1) Greenhill SK def. (17) Millard North GB (Grant Brown) (You, Lawrence Zhou, *Fife)

(2) Cambridge OS def. (18) Scarsdale ZG (Zack Gelles) (Castillo, Holguin, Shore)

(3) Harrison RP def. (14) Valley EM (Evan McKinney) (Evnen, Gorski, Smith)

(4) Mission San Jose LS def. (13) Valley CT (Conal Thomas-McGinnis) (Hock, Koh, McNeil)

(5) Valley TG def. (12) Collegiate DM (David Moon) (Burdt, Sigalow, Singh)

(11) Lake Highland AA def. (6) Collegiate KY (Kyle Yuan) (Davis-Marks, WAng, *Taylor)

(7) Valley TF def. (23) HW JD (Jake Davidson) (Brundage, Hertzig, Lonam)

(8) Syosset AM def. (9) Dougherty Valley CS (Chaitanya Sayani) (Murphy, Nave, *Quiroz)



(1) Greenhill SK def. (8) Syosset AM (Aram Moghaddassi) (Murphy, Powell, *Taylor)

(2) Cambridge OS def. (7) Valley TF (TJ Foley) (Evnen, Hertzig, You)

(11) Lake Highland AA def. (3) Harrison RP (Raffi Piliero) (Smith, Lawrence Zhou, *Wang)

(4) Mission San Jose LS def. (5) Valley TG (Trent Gilbert) (Fife, Gorski, Lonam)



(1) Greenhill SK def. (4) Mission San Jose LS (Lavanya Singh) (Davis-Marks, Murphy, Powell)

(2) Cambridge OS def. (11) Lake Highland AA (Ari Azbel) (*Taylor, You, Lawrence Zhou)



(2) Cambridge OS def. (1) Greenhill SK (Shruthi Krishnan) (Taylor, You, Lawrence Zhou)



Oliver Sussman- Cambridge



Benjamin Koh