Valley Sophomore Throw-Down seeks nominations


March 10, 2016


Valley High School is seeking nominations of current 9th grade LD debaters for the 2016 Sophomore Throw-Down round robin.

What is the Sophomore Throw-Down?

Now in its sixth year, the Sophomore Throw-Down is the nation’s premier sophomores-only Lincoln-Douglas debate round robin.

Our purpose is to provide a collegial yet competitive environment for some of the national circuit’s brightest rising varsity debaters to get to know each other.

We offer amazing competition, excellent judging, spectacular hospitality, and uniquely beautiful awards:

When does the Throw-Down take place?

The Throw-Down takes place on the Friday before the Valley Mid-America Cup. This year, the date of the Throw-Down is Friday, September 23.

What are the requirements for the Sophomore Throw-Down?

1. You must be a sophomore in high school in the 2016-2017 school year.

2. You must represent an accredited, diploma-granting public or private high school or a sanctioned home school program.

3. You are expected to also enter and compete in the Mid-America Cup.

4. If you are traveling independently, you must meet the independent entry requirements of the Mid-America Cup. That means:

A) You must travel with an adult chaperone.

B) Both your school and coach must approve your entry in the tournament.

5. You must provide a judge comfortable with flowing and adjudicating varsity-level LD debates.

6. The entry fee is $150.00. This covers the cost of your entry as well as breakfast, lunch and the awards banquet dinner.

How do I apply?

Students may self-nominate, or a student can be nominated by a coach, lab leader, judge, parent, or fellow student. All you have to do is send an email to tournament director Dave McGinnis via email at:

In the email, provide all of the following information:



Coach Name:

Coach Email:

Coach Cell:

Judge Name:

Provide your top 6 freshman year accomplishments. Include the name, location and date of the tournament; the division you competed in; your prelim W/L record; your elim W/L record; and any speaker awards you received.