WDM Valley Super Closes Out the 2016 Dowling Catholic Paradigm

Congratulations to West Des Moines Valley on a super close out at the 2016 Dowling Catholic Paradigm. Valley is coached by Dave McGinnis, Leah Shapiro, Christian Tarsney, and Isis Davis-Marks.


Millard North TQ def. Evanston HS (Henry Smith) (White, Power, *Shmikler)

Valley CR def. Jefferson City MM (Michael Manda) (Jackson, Welter, Noethe)


Valley SC over Valley MS (Manasi Singh)

Valley CT over Valley EM (Evan Mckinney)

Valley TF over Valley Cr (Carly Rieger)

Valley TG def. Millard North TQ (Tori Qiu) (Mayes, Power, Noethe)


Semifinals Close Out

Valley CT (Conal Thomas-McGinnis), Valley SC (Sienna Cabbage), Valley TG (Trent Gilbert), and Valley TF (TJ Foley) close out Dowling Catholic in semifinals


Benjamin Koh