Congratulations to Palo Alto’s Frances Zhuang and Brentwood’s Kiley McKay for making it to the final round of the 2017 UPS Tournament. In lieu of a final round, Frances was declares the champion. Congratulations to both!



(1) Palo Alto FZ def. (9) Interlake RM (Richie Ma)

(10) Kamiak NB def. (2) Palo Alto CF (Colin Fee)

(5) Gig Harbor CM def. (4) Palo Alto BH (Barry He)

(14) Brentwood KM def. (11) Sprague LW (Lindsey Williams)



(1) Palo Alto FZ def. (5) Gig Harbor CM (Colin McKay

(14) Brentwood KM def. (10) Kamiak NB (Niko Battle)