Strake Jesuit’s Richard Cook Wins the 2017 University of Houston Tournament

Congratulations to Strake Jesuit’s Richard Cook and Cedar Park’s Morgan Grosch for making it to the final round of the 2017 University of Houston Tournament.


(1) Cedar Park MG def. (32) Woodlands DY

(2) Earl Warren NO def. (31) Strake Jesuit DT

(3) Strake Jesuit RC def. (30) Klein Oak RR

(4) Strake Jesuit MC def. (29) St. John AW

(5) Kinkaid JY def. (28) Dulles JZ

(6) Cypress Woods LC (27) Dulls MK

(26) Klein Oak AG def. (7) Katy Taylor CR

(8) Cypress Woods CJ def. (25) Texas Academy MX

(9) Cypress Fair TW def. (24) Klein NG

(10) Woodlands College Park JeZ

(11) Cedar Park MT def. (22) Kempner JS

(21) Kempner FH def. (12) Strake Jesuit JH (Joshua Herrera)

(20) Strake Jesuit WL def. (13) Bellaire JK

(14) St. Agnes CD def. (19) Woodlands CM

(18) Kinkaid SS def. (15) Strake Jesuit CL

(17) Strake Jesuit WH def. (16) Montgomery WP (Whitley Perryman)



(1) Cedar Park MG def. (17) Strake Jesuit WH

(2) Earl Warren NO def. (18) Kinkaid SS

(3) Strake Jesuit RC def. (14) St. AGnes CD

(4) Strake Jesuit MC over (20) Strake Jesuit WL

(5) Kinkaid JY def. (21) Kempner Fh

(6) Cypress Woods LC def. (11) Cedar Park MT (Macalah Thomas)

(26) Klein Oak AG def. (10) Woodlands College park JeZ (Jessica Zhang)

(9) Cypress Fair TW def. (8) Cypress Woods CJ (Chakra Jonnalagadda)



(1) Cedar Park MG def. (9) Cypress Fair TW (Tess Welch)

(2) Earl Warren NO def. (26) Klein Oak AG (Alan George)

(3) Strake Jesuit RC def. (6) Cypress Woods LC (Lucas Clarke)

(4) Strake Jesuit MC def. (5) Kinkaid JY (Jason Yang)



(1) Cedar Park MG def. (4) Strake Jesuit MC (Matthew Chen)

(3) Strake Jesuit RC def. (2) Earl Warren NO (Nelson Okunlola)



(3) Strake Jesuit RC def. (1) Cedar Park MG (Morgan Grosch)


Speaker Awards

(1) Morgan Grosch- Cedar Park

(2) Jason Yang- Kinkaid

(3) Lucas Clarke- Cypress Woods

(4) Claudia Ribera- Katy Taylor

(5) Nelson Okunlola- Earl Warren

(6) Richard Cook- Strake Jesuit

(7) Camryn Manley- Woodlands College Park

(8) Matthew Chen- Strake Jesuit

(9) Will Ledig- Strake Jesuit

(10) Chakra Jonnalagadda- Cypress Woods


Benjamin Koh