Woodward 1st and 2nd Year Nationals 2017 Open for Registration

Woodward Academy in Atlanta is hosting our 30th annual First and Second Year National Championships on March 17-19. We offer First Year LD, Second Year LD, First Year Policy, and Second Year Policy.

Our goal is to offer excellent LD and policy debates for our young students while maintaining the commitment to hospitality that includes complimentary meals for both coaches and students, a free shuttle service between the tournament hotel and our campus, high-quality judging, professional tabulation, and an enjoyable atmosphere that promotes competition and celebrates learning. 

We are lucky to be able to host the tournament at “break even” levels so we can truly provide the best possible service to the debate community we enjoy so much!

In the LD division, we already have commitments from teams from Georgia, Alabama, Minnesota, Ohio, California, and Nevada, so it truly will be a national event. 

The full invitation is available at woodward.tabroom.com.  

Thanks so much,

Maggie Berthiaume

Woodward Academy

Benjamin Koh