NSDeep – week 5 responses

Thank you for all your submissions once again! Some were actually pretty similar and correlated to a response made last week so the link to that article is below!

1.How to balance competing and school. I feel like I can’t work at tournaments and when I have to leave Friday afternoon and end Sunday night it just feels impossible to stay on top or everything.

As much as we love to kid ourselves, we don’t always get work done at tournaments. I will personally admit that I took a lot of my homework with me to tournaments and never touched it until I got back home. Debating every weekend is hard to balance with school but not impossible! Here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure when you’re at school, you’re completing as much work as possible to minimize the amount of homework. This may seem obvious, but it actually takes a decent amount of self-discipline to do other work when in a class that’s not doing anything instead of just talking to your friends.
  2. Plan out the work you have due for next week, and if possible start/complete it before you leave for the tournament
  3. Be realistic with the amount of work you take with you on the trip. If you think you can get work done while you’re on the trip, take specific assignments, or ones that you think you can finish in a reasonable amount of time.

2. How useful is a private coach as opposed to doing prep and drills?

I think it is pretty useful to get a private coach to help you do prep and drills as opposed to doing it on your own. This is especially useful if you don’t have a team that is able to do those things with you already. Check out last week’s response for how to find one!

3. Notes for two responses: How do you go about hiring a private coach? I know about the hsld Facebook group but is it bizarre to pm coaches asking if they would want to coach me? AND  How to find a coach just for Jan/Feb?

I don’t think that it is bizarre to privately message someone and ask if they’re available to coach you. Check out last week’s response for how to find a coach!!!


Link here: http://nsdupdate.com/2018/nsdeep-week-4-responses/



Jayanne Forrest