New Series: NSD Relays!

Hey! New wholesome content is here and it might just come with a little nostalgia.

We are starting a new series on NSD called “NSD relays” which is an effort to highlight staff and student enjoyment at camp by creating a chain of compliments and/or memories from former/current/future staff members!

Our first leg is Zoë Ewing with a favorite memory and compliment for Becca Traber:

”One of my fondest memories as a student was being in Tom and Becca’s lab the summer before my senior year. We were doing a really challenging research project and I was feeling unsure about both my grasp of the philosophy and my debate abilities in general. At one point, during one of our inclusion in debate discussions, I mentioned my stress as well as how being one of the only women in my lab had impacted my experience. At the end of the discussion, Becca came and found my teammate and I and assured us that we were doing good work in lab and that she was always available as a resource for us to go to. That moment meant a lot to me because it came from such a heartfelt place of compassion and care for students. Becca is one of the smartest people I will ever learn from, but also made me feel cared about when I doubted myself. Thank you Becca!”

Check out Wednesday’s post to see who Becca passes the baton to! 

Find a memory, take a compliment, pass it on! Pictured: Zoë Ewing in the final round of the 2016 NSD Camp tournament

Jayanne Forrest