NSD Relays: Ananta to Megan

We closed last week with Katherine to Ananta.

Today, Ananta Wadhwa passed the baton to Megan Wu:

“One of my favorite memories with Megan is when we went to the Bronx tournament together this past year & she stayed at my house. First, I got to see how much she improved at debate technically, strategically, & how she worked so hard to be the best she could be (it was so inspiring & I can’t wait to see her teach these skills this summer). Next, & more importantly, I got to see how much she has grown as a person who is now able to laugh through the losses & tougher moments, find joy and satisfaction in simply being with friends & part of such an unique activity, play with my dog for hours instead of stressing, & just have a positive tournament experience which is really hard to do. Megan, however, has mastered it perfectly. I can’t wait to work with her this summer & see all her skills & positivity translates into her thriving as an incredible instructor!”

– Ananta Wadhwa

Check back on Wednesday to see who Megan passes the baton to!!

Jayanne Forrest