NSD Relays: Becca and Kris

Here’s more wholesome content. Quick refresh: “NSD relays” is a new segment effort to highlight staff and student enjoyment at camp by creating a chain of compliments and/or memories from former/current/future staff members!

Last week was Zoë Ewing to Becca Traber.
Here is a favorite memory from Becca Traber to Kris Wright.

“When I was a sophomore, Kris Wright was one of the judges who voted against me on my last of many, many losing bid rounds of the year. I can’t remember how many I had lost, but it was enough that I was enormously frustrated and when I was safely out of the room after the decision,  I burst into tears. Kris came and found me and consoled me.  I remember very distinctly him telling me that I was a good debater and that the bids would come. This was super important to me, because I was often not confident in my abilities, and someone I respected as much as Kris complementing me meant a lot. Since then, we have had a long friendship and working relationship, but I will always remember how kind he was to me that day, even though he didn’t have any obligation to me or need to do it.”

Becca Traber

Check out Wednesday’s post to see who Kris passes the baton to!

Find a memory, take a compliment, pass it on! Pictured at far left: Becca Traber teaching Top Lab of NSD Flagship 2018

Jayanne Forrest